Weekend DIY: Polka dots

I have a polka dotty DIY project planned for the weekend!

So I thought I’d share a bunch of inspiration that’s out there for a range of projects, should you find yourselves with a few spare minutes and polka dots on the brain this weekend. I’m doing my take on one of these projects – can you guess which one?!


Clockwise from left, take your pick:

Revamp an old tee, let loose on your walls, put spots on your curtains, DIY some easy art, dotty pot your plants.

Or just go out for coffee…


3 thoughts on “Weekend DIY: Polka dots

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hi Maura, I love the polka dot wall too – it looks so easy to do, and if you get tired of it the decals just come right off again! Thanks for the nomination – it’s my second today! I’ll be sure to have a look at your blog and check out the details. Thanks so much x

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