Things you never knew…

Heart of Gold ... tissue paper tassel garland // wedding decorations // new year // nye // metallic gold

There was a little surprise waiting for me in a rare Saturday morning check in to this here blog o’ mine. Two lovely readers have passed on a blog community award called “The Liebster”.

Thanks Jamie and Maura – I appreciate it!

Previously I’ve sidestepped these awards, thinking you don’t want to know things like my biggest fears or my most embarrassing moments… but two in one day and all, maybe it’s time to share some of those things?!

So, here’s what Jamie and Maura asked me to reveal…

1. Why did I start blogging/why do I blog?
I started with stars in my eyes, hoping to make some money from it. So far, nada! But I keep it up (if a little sporadically at times, when life gets in the way) because it’s become something I do just for me – a creative outlet that I enjoy!

2. What is your greatest passion? What drives you outside of your blog pursuits?
Interpreting this as what do I love most on this planet? My family. Easy.
Other than that, I thrive on achieving something for myself in a day – whether that is getting a creative project started/progressing/completed or just earning myself a little bit of money from my part time efforts in graphic design. It helps me feel like me to achieve something for myself.

3. What is your greatest fear?
Well that would have to be losing my nearest and dearest.


4. Of the places you’ve lived, which is your favourite?
I’m picking two. One is the first poky little house I lived in with my husband. It was nothing about the house… just living with him. Awesome! Second, our campervan which was home in Europe for almost 6 months. We had our moments, especially when my brother came to stay, or when it was raining… but you can NOT beat the lifestyle!

5. What is your dessert of choice? Favourite quick, weeknight dinner?
Big cheesecake fan. And I recently came across this recipe which is delish and so easy to make! Surprisingly though, there’s no chocolate in it! That usually entices me on a menu… Favourite quick dinner? Chicken pilau – it’s quick in preparation but does need to cook then for half an hour or so. Best thing is everyone loves it and the pot gets well scraped!

6. What was the most memorable vacation or trip you’ve taken?
Hmmm, I think I’ve just answered that one above. Definitely the trip around Europe. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think back to it, and I’d love so much to take our kids on a similar adventure one day. It’s good for perspective (if not the finances!).

7. What is your favourite movie genre?
I’m a romcom cliche!

8. If you knew you were about to eat your last meal, what would it be?
Gran’s roast dinner, followed by my cheesecake!

9. If you had to move from your current home to another and could only bring five items with you, which five items would you choose?
Our vintage mirrors (inherited from grandparents), photo albums, Miss E’s bedtime bunny, Master W’s lego, our map artwork and rug from the lounge (oops that’s six…).


10. Which famous person’s house would you most like to live in?
I just saw this yesterday… don’t know if it qualifies as “famous person” but we fell in love with the island houses in Scandinavia and I think we’d be happy here for quite some time!

11. If you could be someone else for 24 hours, who would you choose to be?
My Nana – so I could learn a little of her wisdom.

12. Where do you find your inspirations and materials?
I read a lot of blogs… and magazines. And I have two kids who surprise me every day!

13. What’s the worst vacation experience you’ve ever had?
The first that comes to mind was our recent camping trip… it rained one night and we discovered in the morning that our borrowed tent had a not-so-waterproof-anymore floor. ALL of our beds/bedding and the bottom half of our clothes in cases were all wet. It meant a whole morning for Andre at the nearest laundromat (45mins away) drying everything out!

14. How do you take your coffee?
Since pregnancy number two I’ve been on decaf. Can’t handle the real stuff anymore! And I have it with cream, no sugar. Or if we’re out – a flat white. Kiwi’s coffee!

15. Favourite blog?
I’m a little addicted to Young House Love. I wanna be them.

16. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be?
Cleaning up after breakfast/lunch/dinner.

17. What does ‘being creative’ mean to you?
Just doing things a little differently. Whether it be attempting a new craft skill, cooking something you’ve never tried before, visiting a new place…

18. What would be your ideal workspace?
This garden studio is pretty amazing. Except mine would have to have a covered walkway connected to the house. Otherwise I might only go to work on sunny days. Yep, rain’s annoying!

19. What mode of transportation suits you best?
Love my Toyota Corolla hatch/wagon. It’s a small wagon so I think technically it’s a hatch?! But if I was single and childless I might have a Vespa. That would be coool!

So how’s that? Not so bad?

Now I’m supposed to nominate a bunch of other “small bloggers” to keep the Liebster rolling, but I’m going to cheat (pleading off with a headache and the guilts for not helping Andre with the pergola DIY du jour…) with a favourites shortlist, and do check out my Bloglovin profile for a whole bunch of the blogs I follow. There’s some good ‘uns that’ll have you addicted in no time!

So, besides YHL which I must. check. every. day. I also head to ETST for some sweet life inspiration, Homely One for a little look at a so very similar to mine life from another perspective (truly, so many of Amanda’s posts are like my own thoughts escaped while I was sleeping or something) and I’m quite enjoying Love & Ginger for the reminder that there are other people out there working on DIY’ing it every weekend!

Images: Gold tassel garland from Etsy | Campervan is ours from our previous life | Ideas Island creative retreat | Garden studio by Scott Lewis Landscapes

Update: A third Liebster in less than a month – awww I like that! Thanks Lisa from lifeblooming!

3 thoughts on “Things you never knew…

  1. Maura

    Not so bad at all! Thanks for playing along! A rainy camping trip is definitely a nightmare of a vacation in my book. I’m going to check out the blogs you linked, I’m on the hunt for new inspiration! 🙂

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