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Miss E

I mentioned back here that I had a little something up my sleeve which couldn’t be revealed until the arrival of our little one.

Now that she’s here, I can bore you with share all the details!

The sum total of art in our bedroom has been one very old picture frame with photos of Andre which I used to have in my single bedroom way back when. It got hung on the only existing hook in the bedroom when we moved in, and hasn’t had a thought its way since.

So it was nice to think about the other corner of the room where the little wee one lives with a little more tender loving care.

This is what I made, to go with this for our big little boy (although because it’s on the pink side I plan to do him another one in navy… he’s a navy sort of boy I think!):

The other pieces of art are just prints which I put into a couple of frames I found in the depths of our old filing cabinet.

The silver frame has a cute vintage nursery rhyme print from here, and the duck egg blue frame started life as a black and gold picture frame:

And after a couple of coats of spray paint now has a fresh new look with my favourite scan photo.

The framed art will no doubt be changed out numerous times, and the frames themselves made over with spray paint or other embellishments but I like that our little girl came home to a space just for her!

She and her big brother are snoozing away to an orchestra of planers, nail guns and skill saws this afternoon which means trim is going up in the new bedroom! Photos will come – please wait patiently!