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Tidying up on Topsy-Turvy Thursday

Today is topsy-turvy Thursday at Master W’s kindy. Sadly he is home with a cold, so his topsy-turvy outfit has been spinning around here all day.

He helped me give our white vinyl sofa a going over with my magic whitewash sponge – it was seriously in need of it. It’s one of those things that you can live quite happily with until one day you look a little more closely and it’s “didn’t we order white vinyl?”

You can see the difference on this seat cushion – the right half has been cleaned, left of the arrow… not clean:

And on the other end of the sofa is some evidence of our topsy-turvy day:

Our house is littered with red and yellow dot stickers. They were meant to be littering kindy. I had the grand idea of covering him in dot stickers, head to toe. I’ll be picking them up for days!

You can see them flying off him here:

Is anyone else getting to a job that gets ignored for 99 days out of 100, or having a topsy-turvy Thursday?