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Fresh and light

Some unpainted trim in various areas of our house has been a thorn in my side for a long while… so I had Nick (who painted our exterior) take a look and quote me on it.

The first quote came as a bit of a shock (up near a third of the total exterior cost), and although I tried to swallow quietly he could totally see it all over my face. So being the kindhearted man he is he went to have a chat with his mates at Resene. Lo and behold, a paint product that can take on old varnish without waiting for stripper. For Nick it meant a whole lot less time and mess involved, and for me… the quote got halved! We absolutely have a deal!

I knew it would be awkward with kids around, but day one (mid-December 2012) had tools down by 9am and Nick calling it quits. Oh dear…

The following day I packed us all up, left a note for Nick and got out for the day. I tried to do that as much as possible for the next couple of weeks. Yes it was a nuisance, but it was definitely worth it. The alternative was to attack it ourselves over the next ten years. No thank you – we have plenty else to get on with.

Starting at the front entrance, freshness and light was our Christmas present to ourselves:


Spinning around from there, we had some “never got painted” laundry doors and trim:


Round the corner, the bathroom got the same treatment – all varnished timber covered in fresh, gloss white… including the toilet cistern.


Back to the lounge, the beaten up door got some serious attention and a fresh coat of paint to finish:


And Miss E’s current abode also got a makeover:



As well, those especially annoying bits of trim in the kitchen that never did get a top coat… did!

There are always little jobs like that which never make it to the top of the priority list. I don’t hate painting… but this one was fiddly and I knew it would be time consuming and just plain annoying to work around ourselves while still using the hallway, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. So it’s a relief to bring in the experts and just get it done. It’s about sanity.

Thanks again Nick.

Glamming up the man…

…robe. Further to the sanding, I got stuck into glamming up my manrobe again. Can you tell this is my current pet project?! I’ve been wanting one of these for so long now, I’m just pleased to be getting into it!

My beloved manrobe has one of these quaint slide out rails (so your clothes hang in a row front to back instead of side to side) but it was a bit stuck so needed some greasy attention.


Lubed up, he was up next for a new coat of shining armour.

The first coat happened outside:

Then a couple more coats inside (dodgy weather) got it nice and glossy:

We used Cabot’s Cabothane, which we believe is the same stuff we used on our kitchen shelves (but with a change of name?). Chosen because it’s water-based and less fumey than oil-based products. It’s super easy to apply and cleans up easily. With 3 coats I think it will hold up just fine to the wear and tear of a childs bedroom.

Mr Manrobe is now awaiting me to fix up his handles and maybe give his insides a bit of smartening up, then I’ll be sorting Master W’s haphazardly arranged wardrobe of clothes into fresh new order. Aahhhhh!