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A few weeks in an “insta”


Progress has been making slow headway around here, which makes for little blog content. But there’s always little bits of projects on the go that end up on Instagram (@duckeggblueblog). So I thought I’d share them here in case you don’t catch them there. And there are a few bonus pics that haven’t yet seen the light of day!

So… starting out the back which is our current priority, here’s progress in pictures:

0410_0208 0410_0213 0410_3149 0410_3158 0410_3195 0410_3198I’m aware that not much of this will make sense right now, but you have my promise it will in a few more weeks (here’s hoping the weather holds to and beyond Easter!).

Much to my delight we’ve also made a start on the master bedroom, finally replacing the cranky old sliding door with a more pleasant hinged option, and the nightmare of wallpaper stripping has begun…


0410_3061 0410_3096 0410_3131

Besides this, I’ve set myself another six year deadline to get our travel albums completed. A few short weeks away is the day that six years ago we headed off on the adventure of our lifetime.


As we lived the nomadic life there was a lot of talk about kids and houses and settling down – and suddenly here we are and I’m wondering if that “big OE” was really the adventure of a lifetime?! Every day is the adventure of a lifetime is it not?! In another six years, who knows… I might even be missing these days of endless demo and painting?


Itchy feet


I’ve been working on the sequel to this. It’s taking me a while… picture me gazing into space with a dreamy look on my face as I reminisce about such good times. Such Good Times.

I also spent allllll of Saturday out painting the letterbox and gate. But it’s raining… I don’t feel like going out to get a grey and drippy picture, so you’ll just have to believe me. When it stops raining I will finish painting and you’ll get a fancy after picture – you’ll just have to be patient.

In the meantime, sing with me “rain, rain… go away… we can’t remember what to do on a rainy day!”