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Sweet satin

Well just like in this post, I can say again that the floor is done!

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with sanding, filling, more sanding, sealing, sanding, etc etc the floor has been officially announced as finished.

Here’s some progress shots:

You can see in the above photo that we sealed the floor with Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K. Originally we had been sealing the touch up patches, and started to finally seal the whole floor with a standard polyurethane. But after enduring the fumes for a few days we had second thoughts about using such a product in a kids bedroom.

Even after the odour has gone, toxic fumes are still given off. I believe it can take years for this process to happen.

We looked into various natural oil products, which are completely free of toxins, but their cost is a little on the horrendous side, so we compromised with this very low VOC (volatile organic compounds ie. nasty things) urethane from Resene.

The cost was along the lines of standard polyurethane, and it was able to be applied over the existing polyurethane (after a light sanding). Some natural products would have required us to completely sand the existing sealer off and start with bare timber. This in itself would have meant a whole lot of toxic dust swirling all over the house and ideally with a toddler and a newborn we would have had to move out for the duration.

To give you an idea, a standard polyurethane rates around 900 VOC, but Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K is just 38 VOC. The difference is immediately apparent in the low odour during application, and a couple of days after the last application, I opened the door this morning and just got a slight whiff. We have kept the window open and the door shut to air the room out, and will leave it that way for another week before we move little mister in.

The only natural product we were able to find with a gloss finish was a two part system, which didn’t excite us in the least, and it was expensive. Most natural products, and all truly natural products are matt, or satin finish. The rest of our floors have a gloss finish, but with years of wear and tear they are in reality more of a satin finish now, so the new floor doesn’t look at all out of place.

Take another look (I did focus, it’s just hard to see where!):