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It’s magnetising

Well, well… it’s my lucky day today! First I get surprised with the sweetest crafty project by my boys (the big one and the little one), and today is also my best day for new blog and Facebook followers.

So, thank you to all those new followers – it’s lovely to have you join in. Don’t be scared to say hi or tell me what you really think!

Now, this little project… because it was a surprise, I have no progress pictures, but it’s pretty straightforward. All you need are some squashed marbles (vase fillers), scraps of fabric, round magnets a bit smaller than the vase fillers, pva glue¬†and/or a hot glue gun.

0528_7116 0528_7117 0528_7119

Aren’t they awesome? Yes, the magnets… but most especially the people who made them for me!