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Pin of the day: A perfect home

Rachel & Brett's "Resourcefully Chic" Family Home

In the visual feast of Pinterest perfection that can get a little overwhelming at times, it was so so refreshing, and relaxing (phew, this looks more like my house!) to seeĀ this super gorgeous but utterly lived in home, shared by Apartment Therapy.

The retro touches, and the retro house for that matter, are not for everyone. But I love it so much, because it looks loved itself!

Oh yes there is definitely styling here, but it’s styling of objects that are meaningful and more than likely sentimental. And precious because of that, but not so precious that you don’t want kids within 3 metres. That, my friends is what I call a home. It’s the kind of home I aspire to and bit by bit, want to share with you here as we go.

There is so much more to see of this house – please do. Even if it’s just to humour me!

Pin of the day: Pretty as a gift

This one got me today. It’s the sweetest bit of gift styling I’ve seen in a while, and who can go past that duck egg blue? Certainly not me. And neither could Miss Toodles Noodles… Just the right amount of pink and pretty doily to make it sing “oooh la la!”. Oh and did I say simple? Not a strip of wrinkled sellotape anywhere. Now… I have gifts to go and wrap. Actually I do… babies happening everywhere in my world!

Note: Sorry I missed Friday – I was sailing my way to a glorious weekend away on Waiheke. With only my husband for company. Two whole days of peace and quiet. I’m already planning the next one!