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Small spaces: The sweetest nursery

This is not what I had in mind to share this morning but in my search for what I did have in mind, I came across this cutest little nursery yet again. So this is it folks. Mega inspiration for a little one’s space, if you have the need, or there is loads of ideas that would work equally well in a grown ups space.

I’ve seen this a few times around the blog world, a few weeks ago over at Fancy, and this morning, at Apartment Therapy. But The Beetleshack is where it originates from.

This little space is proof that you can just fill a room with the loveliest of things and even though they don’t “match” they come together to create a cohesive look that just feels so homely.

Having both my boy and girl sharing a bedroom I also appreciate seeing kids spaces that are neither bland nor super-girly or made just for a boy. This Beetleshack nursery could quite happily accommodate either – and rightly so, because as far as I can tell, baby Beetleshack’s gender was unknown at the time.

My favourite things in the room are the vintage mirror (surprise, surprise!) and the little yellow painted cane stool/side table. If you’re up for some shopping to get the look, there’s a source list over at the Beetleshack (just had to write it one more time – awesome name!).

Shopping fun at Tea Pea

In a world of endless options and a whole lot of sameness in a zillion online shops I do tend to get just a bit excited about little boutique stores who have something really unique, yet still keep their prices reasonable.


Tea Pea is one such store. I’ve done much browsing of their goodies over the years since I discovered them – back when Master W turned my world into a whimsical one of kid-sized treasures. Although so many of Tea Pea’s whimsical kid-sized treasures would be just fine in an adult world too. I would be well tempted by all this cuteness even without kids in the house. There is definitely nothing wrong with a bambi light in the master bedroom!

My picks, clockwise from top left:
The parade cushion – I’ve been coveting this since Master W was born, wondering if one day I would have a wee girl. Yes! Now I can add it to the shopping cart…
Cloud coathangers – the best kind of clouds!
Wire mag holder – I’m just trying to decide which colours and where to use them…
Bambi light – sweetness and light!
Wire baskets – as per the mag holder… I want them all, every colour, everywhere!

It’s no wonder I’m a bit in love with Tea Pea’s product range… it seems Mr & Mrs Tea Pea have a bit in common with Mr & Mrs Duck Egg Blue.  Adorable small children, and a mid-century house currently under renovation. These two things add up to an entire world… Do go and have a look at some pictures of their house – I love their style!

And their logo… I just wish I was the designer – mmm!

Note: Tea Pea don’t know me from a bar of soap… I just love their style and product range and couldn’t help sharing!

Layers of luxury

0517_mbedroom moodboard

I was going to show you a teensy bit more backyard progress today… but with the rain back again, my mind is on more cosy scenes. Like a bedroom layered with texture, love and not too feminine colour. I just can’t wait to get started on ours.

All images from my Pinterest boards.

Small spaces: Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2013


More for your money today… I’m sharing not one awesome small space, but a whole pile of them! Apartment Therapy runs an annual competition called Small Cool. Readers can submit their own spaces and then they’re open for voting. So there’s a lot of small cool, but also some small not so cool – each to their own though! What I think is fabulous is not for others, and vice versa.

So go have a look, cast your vote! I’ll be sure to tell you when I enter my house… maybe it’ll be ready in another 5 years or so?!

Above is an entry by Carmen from Singapore – so far it’s got the most votes (in the international section), which is hardly surprising! The definition of space within the space is so creative – despite being so tiny it’s packed full with so much to explore, without being cluttered.

In the teeny tiny section is this entry by John which I am delighted with!


I love how the decor is interesting but not overpowering – proof that tiny doesn’t need to be minimal. Totally love the brick wall, and the curtains that divide the living room from the bedroom area.

I’ll see you later, I’m off to have another look!



The Bloc

In my bloggy travels this morning I went past Fancy (I like to do a virtual drive by there every couple of days – it’s smile-worthy) and found a detour sign pointing me to The Bloc. Great. I.D.E.A.

If you’re like me – you like to have a bunch of beautiful things to look at all at the same time. I don’t like to have it interrupted with unbeautifulness. Yuck no. The Bloc is home to a collection of …ooohhh… “design focused brands and people” they say. One such brand is Citta Design whose design inspiration this season is Londontown. Having lived the London life for a brief period in my distant past I was a bit interested to see what they made of it. What they made was a flat-full of characters, all bringing their own personalities and idiosyncrasies to the table. I like them all, but my favourite would be the English Rose lounging on the plush sofa under the trees. I’d be her. Actually… I was her one sunny English afternoon at a friends flat in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Although we refrained from dragging the sofa out doors – the neighbours were a bit proper. We just did pillows.


But I digress… The Bloc. Also home to BoConcept (which is a lot over my budget but I can look can’t I?), Pencil Boutique, Collected, Douglas and Bec and a few other snazzy boutiques. Must put this place on my “sans kids” list.

Top image from Citta Design.

Pin of the Day

New look, new regular post… pin of the day. Here’s where I give my favourite (for the moment) pin a bit of extra mileage. Today’s is repinned onto my style board, spotted via Made from Scratch (on who I have a bit of a secret… errr, not so secret any more… style crush…).

Why this? Because I’m currently having a hair crisis. I’ve had mum hair for far too long. This is pretty and this I can do in just a few minutes… just need a cute hair clip. Who says I can’t fill my own Christmas stocking?!

Mid Century Style

I have a new appreciation for mid century design… new as in about a year old. Which is pretty new, and who knows if it’ll last another year.

I’d love to know when I’ll come to a design era and just stick with that for the rest of my life. While it could get boring it would be very convenient in that I wouldn’t dislike my decor after a few short months of enjoying it.

For now, it’s mid century. And currently on our mid century list of decor is a lounge suite:

The sofa part of the suite can be seen (just) here, and excuse the packing box coffee table – it has been replaced!

We also inherited a couple of these chairs, which I’m not sure are strictly mid century (anyone enlighten me?) but they match:

And purchased a couple of these kid-size Coolie chairs off TradeMe (love them!):

And of course we have this table (from an office clearance shop – yet to be tarted up) and chairs ($50ea from Ezibuy online, of all places):

Neither original mid century pieces, but we’re talking style here, not collector’s items.

Another little nod to mid century, which may surprise you, is our kitchen splashback. It’s my favourite part of the kitchen and I’m so pleased I persisted with the idea… it’s wallpaper, behind clear glass. The pattern is very mid century, and it’s by a UK company called Missprint, and the cheapest way to purchase at the time was via a Canadian website (Saplings) but it is also available from Paper Room in NZ. The pattern is called Muscat Small, in Duck Egg Blue:

Yet to be added is a sideboard (on the to do list, yes he’s making it for me…), as well as some other small furnishings and decor pieces like clocks and vases. Can’t wait to be getting into that level of detail (and have time to browse second hand shops for them on Saturday mornings!).