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Small spaces: It’s small cool time again

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since Apartment Therapy‘s last Small Cool contest! It’s one of my favourite online competitions because I get to peek inside real tiny homes – not just styled tiny homes. Because while the styled ones you see everywhere are amazing and beautiful… they’re probably not all that liveable in a homely sort of way.

I like my small to be homely and user-friendly.

So here are some of my favourite entries so far. (You can see them all here and even vote if you like.)

Sandy’s Cozy Copenhagen Home

Erin’s Well-Considered Home

Emily’s East Village Energy

Filipe’s Perfect Balance

That’s it for me today. It’s such a gorgeous day (freezing, but beautifully sunny!) so I’m going to make the most of it!

Small spaces: Outer Beauty

Next time you walk by a derelict old building in Sydney’s Redfern, look a little closer. It may not be so derelict afterall.

I spotted this one via Habitus Living. It’s a pretty good looking tin shed don’t you think?

All credit to graduate architect Raffaello Rosselli, who saw the outer beauty and designed a new home office and studio to pay homage to the old tin shed, and give a big nod to the history of the area.

Inside there’s no trace of an old tin shed – it’s modern at it’s modernist.

This is vastly different to last weeks small space, but I love it just as much!

All photos by Mark Syke.


Small spaces: A garden studio

This is the most beautiful studio I’ve seen in a very long time. Frankly, it could have nothing in it and I’d love it just the same. To be inside a little room like this and see glimpses of the green outside would make me a very happy girl. No matter if it’s raining, but it would be loveliest of all with sunlight streaming in those awesome windows.

Gushy much? Sorry… it’s just, well… stunning.

Do you think I’m scheming for that little corner of our backyard I’m not sure what to do with? Absolutely I am!

This studio is part of a garden design by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. Spotted via Made from Scratch’s pin.

Small spaces: Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2013


More for your money today… I’m sharing not one awesome small space, but a whole pile of them! Apartment Therapy runs an annual competition called Small Cool. Readers can submit their own spaces and then they’re open for voting. So there’s a lot of small cool, but also some small not so cool – each to their own though! What I think is fabulous is not for others, and vice versa.

So go have a look, cast your vote! I’ll be sure to tell you when I enter my house… maybe it’ll be ready in another 5 years or so?!

Above is an entry by Carmen from Singapore – so far it’s got the most votes (in the international section), which is hardly surprising! The definition of space within the space is so creative – despite being so tiny it’s packed full with so much to explore, without being cluttered.

In the teeny tiny section is this entry by John which I am delighted with!


I love how the decor is interesting but not overpowering – proof that tiny doesn’t need to be minimal. Totally love the brick wall, and the curtains that divide the living room from the bedroom area.

I’ll see you later, I’m off to have another look!