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Pin of the day: Spring living

It’s spriiiiing!!! Despite today’s wintry grey raininess, I’m still excited that down here in the upside-down side of the world we can now officially look forward to summer! It’s just around the corner…

The lengthening of days over the last few weeks means we now (sometimes) have dinner before dark, and on a good day even the birds are still singing! That’s awesome.

So I thought I’d keep an eye out on my Pinterest feed for something springish to share today. Gardens, outdoors, flowers… nope? How about a little living space then?

The light in this one puts it squarely in the spring camp, and the potted tree totally goes with the theme too. I also love the big artwork (it’s so trendy right now) and doesn’t the sofa look comfy? I want that floral cushion…

Hope spring has arrived for some of you with more sun and less rain than is going on in Auckland today?

Small spaces: The sofa to fill them

Oooh I’m using a little creative license with this today and literally squishing a rather large-looking sofa into Small Spaces. But hear me out yeah?

Modular upholstered sofa PIXEL - Saba Italia

The Design Chaser introduced me to this sofa that I would so very much love to just dive into. Its feather-padded seat cushions look downright comfy. It’s called the Pixel Sofa, made by Saba Italia, and is configurable however takes your fancy (or fits your space) using a connector made specifically for the job.

Here’s how you’d set it up for a party in a warehouse:

But, just picture even one of those sections (two at a squeeze) in a corner of your tiny lounge room. It’s a piece of furniture that would function as many things at once – a sofa obviously, and configured right I can imagine it would be a good bed for overnighters, but more than that it would be your coffee table, a spot for some cross legged dining or the ultimate kids play space (the covers are removable for washing!). Just add a tray for your coffee and magazines, a throw rug for casual dining and some cars for the kids. A bookshelf in another corner, a rug underfoot, some bold art, and you’re done.

One last shot – with a more slimline backrest – in case you’re not yet convinced:

Tidying up on Topsy-Turvy Thursday

Today is topsy-turvy Thursday at Master W’s kindy. Sadly he is home with a cold, so his topsy-turvy outfit has been spinning around here all day.

He helped me give our white vinyl sofa a going over with my magic whitewash sponge – it was seriously in need of it. It’s one of those things that you can live quite happily with until one day you look a little more closely and it’s “didn’t we order white vinyl?”

You can see the difference on this seat cushion – the right half has been cleaned, left of the arrow… not clean:

And on the other end of the sofa is some evidence of our topsy-turvy day:

Our house is littered with red and yellow dot stickers. They were meant to be littering kindy. I had the grand idea of covering him in dot stickers, head to toe. I’ll be picking them up for days!

You can see them flying off him here:

Is anyone else getting to a job that gets ignored for 99 days out of 100, or having a topsy-turvy Thursday?