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Shop it Friday: Dream bedroom

Of course I have our bedroom on my brain, and despite all the dust, I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I thought I’d share some amazing things I would love to have in our bedroom, but probably won’t because they’re a bit much for my budget-conscious self. However, a girl can dream, and do her best to spend other people’s money instead. Get your wallets out!

Wall storage cabinet

  • I love pretty much everything this designer creates, but a smaller version of this wall cabinet is still one of my favourites – I’d hang it right by my bed and store my treasures in it.

Swing lamp

  • I’d also get a pair of these wall lights – they’re not so bad at $95 (US??) each and come in loads of colours!
  • I’m still shopping around for this rug, trying to snap up a bargain original on Trade Me, but of course I keep forgetting and miss them. One day… one day it’ll be my turn!
  • I kind of like this light. I say kind of, because I’m surprised I like it, but I do! It’s $280, which is not horrendous actually.

Growing Up in Blueberry Art Print by Amber Armitage

  • There’s some new art about and I really do love it. It’s by Amber Armitage, of Homestyle mag. $190 for A0 unframed.

Happy Friday, and have a lovely weekend!

Note: I’m all done with updating our Progress page – I’ve combined the previous To Do list and Before & “After” photos into this one page now. Much more satisfying to see how far we’ve come already, mixed in with what we still have to do!

Shop it Friday: Save or splurge

So, my friends… Shop it Friday. For all those things I see and want so badly, but have no place (or spare cash) for. This could well become a regular post, like my Pins of the Day and Small Spaces. Because let’s face it – there will always be things that I itch to buy, but if I share them with you and you get to them first, it just might ease the pain a little for me. If I can’t have them then I can’t have them. Simple. Deal?! Let’s see how we go.

First up, some total cuteness from Tea Pea Design (who just happen to have style in bucket loads from their products to their graphic design to their own home… and back again) which might just be a bit of a splurge for some of us, but worth it anyway!

SPLURGE: This birdhouse bookshelf by Thing Industries has been hanging out on my Pinterest board for a few months, so it’s pretty cool to see Tea Pea have it to sell in NZ. $185.

SPLURGE: Pony Rider Band Camp throw. $439. Colours to brighten your winter!

SPLURGE: Sheets on the Line Hand-stitched Quilt in Rainbow. $185. These would be equally awesome for kids or not-so-kids.

And now for some Trade Me bargains. Because it would be a shame to let these go to waste… just because I have no reason to bid doesn’t mean you don’t!

SAVE: Mid-century folding table. Buy Now $40. This would be the perfect bedside table in a guest bedroom. Too bad I don’t have one of those (spare bedroom that is) at the moment, due to this hot mess.

SAVE: Retro leather pouffe. Buy Now $70. New versions of these retail over $150 so this is a steal and authentic to boot. Would be awesome as a casual seat or side table in your living room. Or mine! (Note this one does have a damaged panel so would need a little crafty fix up.)

SAVE: I was going to add a set of retro dining chairs here… but I’m holding out on you because I might snaffle them up myself! We are down to two from our original purchase of five replica Eames DSW chairs… One failed chair is now a kids table! So yep, I need these more than you!

Have a great Friday!

Somewhere to hang your hat

As anyone with small people will know, anything that encourages a tidy bedroom is worth having.


So I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to just go ahead and get this tree hanger from Mocka. Really, how hard is it to click Checkout??! I’ve also had this and this in my shopping cart, but have yet to purchase… It’s my financial safety mechanism – leave things in your shopping cart overnight, have another look in the morning and ask “do I really need this?!” Boring, but it’s probably wise to prioritise the mortgage right?


A little secret: Mocka is great at sales. Every week they have a handful of their products on sale. So I got a lovely 20% off this gorgeous green tree hanger!1104_8449

I love how it adds another dimension to the washi taped skyline that I did a while back. 1104_8450

This corner has previously been the dumping ground for bags and jackets that are just a bit too annoying to stuff away into a cupboard or drawer. Sooo much more visually pleasing to see them hanging off a tree branch! 1104_8453 1104_8454

I’m impressed with the quality (at only $39.95 on sale, it could have been a bit average) and expect to have this bit of indoor greenery for many of the kids growing up years. And it was super easy to assemble – It took no more than 5 minutes, and at least 2 of those were going to grab an allen key, only to see then that of course it came with one!

Nice one Mocka!

And I just might have another little DIY something going on to match one of the other Mocka products in the links above…

See these posts for more of the kids bedroom (I cheated with close cropped photos of this latest addition so I didn’t have to tidy the room completely!).


Shopping fun at Tea Pea

In a world of endless options and a whole lot of sameness in a zillion online shops I do tend to get just a bit excited about little boutique stores who have something really unique, yet still keep their prices reasonable.


Tea Pea is one such store. I’ve done much browsing of their goodies over the years since I discovered them – back when Master W turned my world into a whimsical one of kid-sized treasures. Although so many of Tea Pea’s whimsical kid-sized treasures would be just fine in an adult world too. I would be well tempted by all this cuteness even without kids in the house. There is definitely nothing wrong with a bambi light in the master bedroom!

My picks, clockwise from top left:
The parade cushion – I’ve been coveting this since Master W was born, wondering if one day I would have a wee girl. Yes! Now I can add it to the shopping cart…
Cloud coathangers – the best kind of clouds!
Wire mag holder – I’m just trying to decide which colours and where to use them…
Bambi light – sweetness and light!
Wire baskets – as per the mag holder… I want them all, every colour, everywhere!

It’s no wonder I’m a bit in love with Tea Pea’s product range… it seems Mr & Mrs Tea Pea have a bit in common with Mr & Mrs Duck Egg Blue.  Adorable small children, and a mid-century house currently under renovation. These two things add up to an entire world… Do go and have a look at some pictures of their house – I love their style!

And their logo… I just wish I was the designer – mmm!

Note: Tea Pea don’t know me from a bar of soap… I just love their style and product range and couldn’t help sharing!

Sale time at Country Road


Country Road is kind of iconic. It’s not hard to imagine how they came to be that, when you look at their homewares. Along with their fashion, the homeware range is right on trend, but with it’s very own take that just says “this is Country Road”. If anyone can define it – go right ahead. I just can’t pick it. But what I can pick is some beauties from the current sale. None of my selections add up to a collection but everyone of these pieces could easily find a spot in my home. And just might. Especially the yellow trivet.

Clockwise from top left:
Rami Stacking boxes
Caro cushion
Britta ceramic trivet
Natura jar
Cantina jug

The Bloc

In my bloggy travels this morning I went past Fancy (I like to do a virtual drive by there every couple of days – it’s smile-worthy) and found a detour sign pointing me to The Bloc. Great. I.D.E.A.

If you’re like me – you like to have a bunch of beautiful things to look at all at the same time. I don’t like to have it interrupted with unbeautifulness. Yuck no. The Bloc is home to a collection of …ooohhh… “design focused brands and people” they say. One such brand is Citta Design whose design inspiration this season is Londontown. Having lived the London life for a brief period in my distant past I was a bit interested to see what they made of it. What they made was a flat-full of characters, all bringing their own personalities and idiosyncrasies to the table. I like them all, but my favourite would be the English Rose lounging on the plush sofa under the trees. I’d be her. Actually… I was her one sunny English afternoon at a friends flat in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Although we refrained from dragging the sofa out doors – the neighbours were a bit proper. We just did pillows.


But I digress… The Bloc. Also home to BoConcept (which is a lot over my budget but I can look can’t I?), Pencil Boutique, Collected, Douglas and Bec and a few other snazzy boutiques. Must put this place on my “sans kids” list.

Top image from Citta Design.

Full of Karakter

Our mid century scouts (aka just us) spotted some Karakter on a Parnell drive by recently. We didn’t have time to stop, but we did loop around the block and have another peep through the shiny windows.

There may or may not have been an awe-inspired uttering of “that’s what we want to do!”. Open a mid century furniture store? Yes, that’s on our to do list.

0208This Peter Hvidt Minerva Lounge Suite is pretty cute. The cushions not so. And the hide rug? That was one of my alternative ideas for our own lounge rug. Therefore I am qualified to open a furniture shop.