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Pin of the day: Spring living

It’s spriiiiing!!! Despite today’s wintry grey raininess, I’m still excited that down here in the upside-down side of the world we can now officially look forward to summer! It’s just around the corner…

The lengthening of days over the last few weeks means we now (sometimes) have dinner before dark, and on a good day even┬áthe birds are still singing! That’s awesome.

So I thought I’d keep an eye out on my Pinterest feed for something springish to share today. Gardens, outdoors, flowers… nope? How about a little living space then?

The light in this one puts it squarely in the spring camp, and the potted tree totally goes with the theme too. I also love the big artwork (it’s so trendy right now) and doesn’t the sofa look comfy? I want that floral cushion…

Hope spring has arrived for some of you with more sun and less rain than is going on in Auckland today?

Small spaces: A brick cottage

My brain is a little stuck on brick this week. Y’all know there’s a pile of bricks in our backyard? That pile is slowly turning into something A-MAAA-zing and I can’t wait to share some photos!

Oh, to live in a small brick cottage with a red door and garden at the front.

But today I just have this sweet little cottage┬ádeep in the woods of NJ (or forest as we say down here). I’m not sure I could live permanently in something so enclosed (I need my sunshine) but wouldn’t this be such a relaxing place to escape to? I can see picnics on the grass and kids running barefoot in the forest in the summer. And in the winter, it’d be the ideal place to curl up in a king sized duvet by the fire with a stack of books!

On that note… the weather in Auckland is eerily in line with the calendar, and the first day of Autumn came with a marked change from hot and steamy to suddenly very chilly and we’re all scrambling for slippers and dressing gowns and cardigans and socks.

Awww, bye summer…