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Small spaces: Cosy in Norway

Winter must be on its way… I keep grabbing onto images of blankets and fires and cosy spaces!


This Norwegian holiday cabin featured on the Citta Design blog a few days ago and I’ve been saving it up to share here for Small spaces this week.

In our travels around Scandinavia far too many years ago we fell in love with the rocky landscape. Despite its barrenness it doesn’t feel too harsh because look at those rocks – all the edges have been softened off them by the weather and they’re just right for embedding a holiday hideout into!

Inside, things are very Scandinavian, which looks great of course, but I’d move in with a pile more blankets and books and a basket full of slippers!

arkitektur kolman boYe


sovloft i nock

hemma hos alexander mork eidem

I love this image, because it shows how the architects (Erik Kolman Janouch and Victor Boye Julebäk) worked with the landscape, and the house was built to fit, rather than modifying the landscape to suit the desired house.

Erik Kolman Janouch och Victor Boye JulebakPretty awesome right?! I can definitely see myself cooking up a real hot chocolate on that wood stove, watching the kids rock hopping out the window with scarves and boots and hats and mittens. And Andre would be out playing hunter-gatherer and fossicking for firewood.




Small spaces: Simple cottage on the sea

The rocky coastline of Scandinavia is one of my favourite places. A little cottage right on it would be a dream come true – even if it was just for a night or two!

Having just spent a childless weekend a world away on Waiheke Island, I can feel the weight off my shoulders just looking at this photo and imagining myself there. Inside, it’s just as serene, with timber lining the ceiling and walls as well as timber floorboards. Furnishings are very simple – allowing for this little space to play host to just one or two at a time, or a dinner party. I think I’d invite my friends for a dinner party, and then send them on their way again so I could enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit.