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The curtains that nearly weren’t




These curtains. They’ve been a long time a comin’.

So first the pictures, then the story…

0527_1153-(2) 0527_1232-(2) 0527_1241 0527_1244-(2) 0527_1249-(2) 0527_1255 0527_1257 0527_1259 Starting way back when I first eyed up this fabric, in… August 2012. Gulp!


Then we DIY’ed some curtain rods a year later. And they stayed bare for many more months, while I shopped around, and around, and around. Call me thrifty, call me cheapskate… but I didn’t want to spend over $1k on one pair of curtains. One summer passed by and I missed the special deals. Another summer came… and I juuuuust scraped in, with a few lessons learned along the way.


After hosting a few big brand curtain consultants who offered only scary quotes and less than helpful advice, I decided to trust my own judgement on the fabric and style I’d had plenty of time to mull over, and hunted down a smaller scale curtain maker.

They appeared professional, with a simple website, some good reviews, and plenty of helpful advice. Not to mention a 30% lower quote than the cheapest of the big names.

Things were looking rosy and I had high hopes of hanging some curtains before winter began. Deposit paid!

And then… a few weeks later I thought “hmmm, looks like autumn is arriving, I wonder how my curtains are going?”

My emails bounced back, phone numbers were disconnected and a getting desperate phone call to the fabric supplier came up with “oh, they closed their account with us about a year ago”.

I felt pretty scammed. I felt a little silly, and a whole lot disappointed. I felt annoyed and grumpy. I felt like I’d just lost a few hundred dollars.

Then I got mad and hunted down the guilty party. I found an alternative email address in the depths of a business listing website, and my firm but friendly email didn’t bounce back!

But who knew if it had been read…

Then a few days later, a reply! Woohoo! They’re alive! But all it said was the fabric had just been ordered. Not so promising but at least a response and a way of contact was formed.

Days passed before another reply to my “where are my cuuuurtains?!” and apparently there’s trouble in the small-scale curtain maker camp. So my hopes were low.

The next email got a little more threatening and I did feel bad about that but Autumn was well and truly settled in and I just wanted my curtains! Or my deposit back.

I didn’t get a reply to that one. But eventually I got an email to say “your curtains are ready, where shall we send them?”. What? Really? My hopes rose a little but the fingers were still well and truly crossed.

Until a week or so later and just as I was walking out the door one morning, a courier van pulls up with a big box?! Noooo… it can’t be?! I told the kids to stay in the car, and ran back in with my box, grabbed the scissors and opened it just enough to peek in. Hallelujah!!! We have curtains!

I half expected spiders or mice or something to jump out at me too, but no. I just got my curtains, as ordered and as lovely as I hoped! Relieved and a little bit wiser, but I took a few days longer than I would normally to pay the balance. Fair’s fair I say.

And now these are my favourite curtains to pull every night and morning, and we can enjoy dinner without the cold draught through the french doors. All is well!

Especially now I’ve adjusted the hooks and they hang just right. I snapped these photos below before I fixed them up so ignore their bunching at the bottom, and just admire how they look from the living room (I forgot to get more photos from this angle after I’d adjusted them).


0527_1142 (2)

The fabric is Pegasus EMI Imperial, in Duck Egg. My fave!

And the curtain rings come in packs of 10 – Nusa, in pewter (but I sprayed them the same colour as I sprayed the rods) by Windoware, from Bunnings.

I’m not naming the curtain maker because I believe they are/were genuinely in trouble and did their best (the curtains are well made and their advice in the beginning while we sorted the details was appreciated) but in future I will make sure to have a physical address for contact because phone numbers, email addresses and websites can disappear in an instant!


Lounge-o rearrange-o

The sun hit again this afternoon and it sent me off on a rearrange the lounge frenzy. It’s been in cosy mode for a few months and I’m excited to try it back the other way again (although I’m not tempting Murphy by taking that kindling box out just yet!).

Pictures, pictures… here they are: 0920_8160 0920_8161 0920_8163 0920_8165 0920_8166

And one little bonus shot of the sun streaming into the dining area –


Hey did you spot those dreamy new curtains in the lounge?? I’m just going to whip the rest of the house into shape so I can get some photos of them up in the master and spare bedrooms too. Enjoy the weekend, and I hope to be back next week with those bedroom curtain photos for you!

Dreaming of a new kitchen

Today I write to the tune of a concrete grinder on the other side of a 6mm MDF temporary wall… pleasant it’s not but progress it is! Our new kitchen/dining floor is well underway, but more details and pictures in a week or so when it’s “finished”.

I’ve been avoiding contemplating the finer detail of our kitchen to be and decided I really needed to do up a quick sketch to see the overall colour scheme that until now has just been floating around in my minimal headspace.

Quick sketch it is so please ignore the lines that are not quite straight (speaking to my engineer husband here – I’m sure noone else will be so rude as to point them out):

As you can see we’re taking a very neutral approach with a polished concrete floor, white cabinets, benchtop (tbc), walls, ceiling, trim, fridge (did I miss anything??), wooden (oak veneer??) open shelves… and the only bit of colour will be the splashback, tied in with some painted pendant lightshades over the sink.

I’m ok with this (said cautiously) as I think we can add some eye popping colour by way of kids toys scattered all over the floor fridge artwork, some feature crockery on the shelves, fruit bowl, calendar on the wall etc etc.

I’m channelling this gorgeous kitchen from here:

Two points: Daily clutter is the standout feature here… which I think is the bit that makes a house a home, and that’s what we’re all about! Also the dining table and chairs are (will be..) quite similar to ours which will sit alongside our kitchen too.

Since it’s Easter… (and the concrete grinding is still grinding me down) I might go grab myself some earmuffs, an easter egg and a good ol’ Your Home & Garden mag and take it easy for a bit!

Round table round-up

I can’t remember the who or the why of our round table decision, but the transition from rectangle to round has been quite smooth.

This is a little bit of round table advertising spotted in a Google search: “More seating space than a square design” from here.

The first dining table I remember as a child was a great solid round one – a little like this:

It’s a good option for odd numbers of people like my family of 5. Noone gets “stranded” at the end.

I do remember it was a job to shift though as it weighed more than my whole family put together!

The more modern designs are much less heavy on the back strain eye and can be found in loads of different styles to match whatever decor you have going on right now.

This is our inspiration from Nood – at $1698 it’s not really an option for us to just bring it back from the shop in the back of the wagon, and because we like a good ol’ kiwi DIY project we hunted out this one…

Excuse the temporary wall in the background – it’s serving a dual purpose of keeping the dust from renovating the sunroom (soon to be kitchen/dining) on one side, and small children on the other!)

We picked it up from an office clearance centre, and “all it needs is a lick of paint”!

Actually we plan to replace the tabletop as well. Which is why it is not an immediate project and is currently being used in all it’s glory ugliness.

One day the base will be painted white and the table top replaced with a non-pot-marked oak veneer version.

For now, it’s a great place for small gatherings and round-table discussions and I don’t need to worry about the little one bashing spoons onto a pristine surface!

Here’s another one that caught my eye just now in Google Image search:

Calligaris Florence Round Dining Table - Dining TablesIt’s from Rinke Design and I love the extra detail in the leg, and the black glossiness of it!

It is available in different sizes and colour options but seeing as there is no pricing on the website I’m assuming it’s one of those dream tables for the likes of us and we’ll just stick to our old lunchroom table!

Side note: The Eames replica chairs we got at a bargain bin price of under $50ea from Ezibuy. I am generally happy with them, but as always you get what you pay for and these ones are a little bit wonky, and the finish of the seat is textured rather than smooth which means marks are a bit harder to remove.