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Master bedroom makeover: Moving in

I started writing this post a week ago, almost to the hour… and then big things happened and this blogging and renovating and home decor part of my world fell out the bottom. I think I might start hauling it back up… but no promises I won’t drop it again!

Because in the whole scheme of things it is the last thing that matters, BUT I’ve come to realise too that these small and unimportant things can be the things that help when the big and important things get to be too much sometimes. I was picking up mess around the house yesterday afternoon and realised that if there’s one thing that might possibly keep me able to function if my world flipped it would be having my house in order. When kids are yelling, the phone is ringing, the dinner is boiling over and there’s a whole host of things spinning in my head, the first thing I’ll do (apart from making sure the kids are yelling over nothing!) is tidy. Then, and only then will I answer the phone and try to save the dinner and write myself a priority list (all at the same time, because if my house is tidy I can do everything!).

So, with that… back to last week:

I feel lots of things writing this post. Relief is the big one though!

After three months of living across the hallway in a room that every member of our family has now called theirs for a time, it feels truly amazing to be back in our room to stay. Last time, we’d nearly finished painting the walls. That was a big step in progress for me. It made me feel like we were really getting there!


But then there were the windows. We grabbed our opportunity on a Saturday about 3 weeks ago. There was 14% chance of rain. But this is Auckland in July, so that was pretty good! We took it.


Now this week… In the early afternoon we could see the rain was coming and the freezing temperatures weren’t helping the paint dry very quickly. So we taped up some plastic drop sheets over the gaping holes and filled the room with windows. Then began a few days of tedious top coats, and a few nights of lying awake in fear of the temporary windows giving in to the stormy weather (yep we picked the worst days of winter for this!) and flying off to cause an accident somewhere in the next suburb over. This is how it was for me at least. Andre had no trouble sleeping!



The storm died down, we finished painting and scraping, and on a dark and peaceful night we had real windows back up again! Following that we had a little floor touching up to do, where the old wardrobe framing had been. We gave it a quick sand and some coats of high gloss poly. (Our preference would be a Low VOC sealer like we used when we redid the whole floor in the kids room, but they don’t appear to come in high gloss to match the rest of the house.)


Once we put up the blinds, curtain rods and our sheer curtains, we moved on in!

Let me open the door…

0801_2088 (2)









I won’t even begin to list all that still needs doing or replacing – in terms of furnishing and decorating we’re at about 8%. I’ll save that for another day, along with sharing some of the details like where we found a door handle to match the others in our house, the wall lights we found and made over, and the obvious “what are we doing about a wardrobe?!”.

Because right now, I’ve got something to be doing about that wardrobe situation… and a house to tidy!

Have a lovely weekend x

Master bedroom makeover: Painting progress

Total silence from me in no way means nothing is happening ’round here!

It’s all happening, just as fast as it can. Sometimes I get frustrated that it’s not fast enough… but for various reasons of work, weather and a weekend off, this coming weekend will be the first in six that we get more than a couple of hours to hit this master bedroom renovation.

I’m hoping for some dry weather so we can remove the windows for sanding and painting. But if we don’t get that, there are plenty of little things like putting outlet covers back on, installing some “new” wall lights, and planning and possibly materials shopping for the wardrobe.

But first, here’s a mass photo drop of our plastering and painting progress to date.

0711_1833 0711_1836 0711_1872 0711_1875 0711_3683







0711_4034 0711_4018

Have a lovely weekend x

A quick weekend update on the patio


Once upon a time, a very long time ago… this baseboard on the patio was all prepped and ready for painting. But then it rained, and winter arrived, and the paint was never applied.


But I took a chance on the weather this weekend and got it done. A couple of minor showers weren’t going to stop me this time! I used Dulux Weathershield in Semi Gloss, and the colour is Eighth Friar Grey (a Resene colour). It’s the same as our painter used on the other baseboards, gutterboards and sills for the rest of the house, but this baseboard was hidden behind a raised garden bed at the time.


Remember this first glimpse at our patio progress, and the funny story about the table and chairs?


That was way back before we ripped up the lawn and resowed! And it’s not just the lawn that has come a long way. Here’s the patio now, after the addition of pavers, some planting, and my painting efforts from the weekend.



I do need to get some bigger statement pots, to make this area more of a feature, and we also plan to try and get some moss to take in between those planters… we got it wrong the first time! Also, it’d be nice when the pavers weather to match the concrete some more.

But for now, the little patio is a great spot for al fresco lunches on a sunny day, and as the weather warms up some more it’ll be al fresco breakfasts too!

At the other front corner of the house, spring is helping things along with the perfect mixture of rain, sun and warmer temperatures. It’s a good time of year for gardeners like me – stuff it in the ground and sit back and watch it grow! That lavender is on a takeover mission… hydrangeas look out!


Loads more happened this weekend – there was concrete, new deck posts, trailer loads of dirt and some waterproofed planters. I shall do my very best to share pictures in the next couple of days.

Fresh and light

Some unpainted trim in various areas of our house has been a thorn in my side for a long while… so I had Nick (who painted our exterior) take a look and quote me on it.

The first quote came as a bit of a shock (up near a third of the total exterior cost), and although I tried to swallow quietly he could totally see it all over my face. So being the kindhearted man he is he went to have a chat with his mates at Resene. Lo and behold, a paint product that can take on old varnish without waiting for stripper. For Nick it meant a whole lot less time and mess involved, and for me… the quote got halved! We absolutely have a deal!

I knew it would be awkward with kids around, but day one (mid-December 2012) had tools down by 9am and Nick calling it quits. Oh dear…

The following day I packed us all up, left a note for Nick and got out for the day. I tried to do that as much as possible for the next couple of weeks. Yes it was a nuisance, but it was definitely worth it. The alternative was to attack it ourselves over the next ten years. No thank you – we have plenty else to get on with.

Starting at the front entrance, freshness and light was our Christmas present to ourselves:


Spinning around from there, we had some “never got painted” laundry doors and trim:


Round the corner, the bathroom got the same treatment – all varnished timber covered in fresh, gloss white… including the toilet cistern.


Back to the lounge, the beaten up door got some serious attention and a fresh coat of paint to finish:


And Miss E’s current abode also got a makeover:



As well, those especially annoying bits of trim in the kitchen that never did get a top coat… did!

There are always little jobs like that which never make it to the top of the priority list. I don’t hate painting… but this one was fiddly and I knew it would be time consuming and just plain annoying to work around ourselves while still using the hallway, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. So it’s a relief to bring in the experts and just get it done. It’s about sanity.

Thanks again Nick.

No more apricot

You’ve had sneak peeks, you’ve had teasing comments, and you’ve had to wait far too long.

Finally I have some before and afters of our (now) not so freshly painted exterior. I’ll leave it to the photos to make my apologies for the delay.0206_62910206_62900206_4217

The colour scheme is a wee bit bespoke (picture me with my nose in the air)…

We picked Resene colours, but our painter used Dulux paint… Back when we still had an apricot house we painted up a patch by the back door, and decided on Resene White for the windows and doors, Resene Eighth Friar Grey for the sills, gutterboards and baseboards, and Resene Half Concrete for the walls. However… the further the painter got with that the more my gut feeling said “stop him, stop him now!” I just knew if I didn’t I’d be forever annoyed… so stop him I did. The problem was there was no noticeable difference between the white of the windows and the Half Concrete of the walls. I took a bit of a punt and asked him to get a custom mix of Three Quarters Concrete. I didn’t want to go grey, but it needed to be just that little touch darker, to make the windows pop a bit. Bam!

If you need a painter in Auckland, Nick’s the man. He never complained, he accommodated sleeping children, was tolerant of my fear of dust in the house, and he was Cheap. CHEAP. One downside… it took weeks. His work days are a bit haphazard, and 4pm was a late knockoff. But one must overlook such things when ones self is no better. Shhh!


Yellow front door? Not so sure actually… it might be shortlived. And that doormat… time to go.


Resorting to Plan A

A few weeks ago we went through a few options for our fresh new exterior (still no date but the word from the painter is “any day now”… he doesn’t appear to plan ahead very much, although in all fairness the weather is far from predictable!) and wondered if the colours we picked out first were not quite dark or contrasty enough.

So we picked up a couple more Resene test pots and painted a few more patches by our back porch.

The original scheme of Half Concrete walls/Eighth Friar Grey sill/White window frame is at the bottom left. Above that we tried full Concrete but the verdict was it’s too grey. We want “white” not grey. At the right we tried out the other samples that we used on our test boards – Truffle and Half Truffle. These are warmer greys but we also wrote them off as too grey.

So we’re back with our original choices and can’t wait to say “good riddance” to the awful apricot!

Rainy day painting

Way back when we moved into the new kitchen we hadn’t quite finished the painting. And we made the mistake of using masking tape, and took it off weeks later. Not good at all! We had bare patches where the tape ripped the paint off all around our windows and doors. Lesson learnt – now we cut in freehand like pros.

Today, instead of planting out our new front garden (which is almost finished and ready for a paintless reveal) we’ve been staying out of the rain and getting some painting done.

It took me a couple of hours to do the dining room end while Miss E was sleeping and the boys were out at Bunnings picking up some irrigation supplies and forgetting my picture hanging strips. Then Andre has just finished the touch ups around the kitchen and in the pantry while I put the two little ones into bed for afternoon sleeps.

We used Resene Space Cote Low Sheen for Kitchen & Bathroom – it’s low VOC and more resistant to steam and cooking mess than regular paint. The colour is Half Rice Cake, which is a warm white. All our trim is Resene Enamycryl in White – it’s a bit glossy which I love!

This patch got missed on the first coat because we mistakenly marked it out for tiling, but of course the tiles stopped at the edge of the bench!

Unfortunately we still have a bit of trim left to paint, and our french doors, back door and windows still need some tlc. Maybe when Miss E starts going to bed more reliably at 7ish and not getting up multiple times in the night… maybe then I’ll have more energy to tackle a door or two in the evening!