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Too good to pass up

When we did the big rearrange-o in our lounge a couple of months back we made a “separate” play space for the kids where they would hopefully keep their toys at least a little bit contained. It’s working better than the previous set up where they (I’m talking Master W here really, Miss E is not included for now!) and their toys went everywhere I happened to be (they still do, but at least now there is one place for them all to go back to).

For a while we made do with an old lime green blanket so playing on the floor wouldn’t be quite so uncomfortable for those of us over 2 1/2.

Seeing as it totally clashed with my persian perfection (can you tell I love our lounge rug?!) I was keen to get something a bit more toned down. What I had in mind was an off-white shag rug. Simple yes?

No! Do you think I’ve been able to find not only a shag rug in off-white, but in the right size (120x180cm)? No sir-ree I have not. At least not for a reasonable (under $150, it’s for the kids and their mess and may not last long) price.

Anyway I found a stand-in which is great in all things other than it’s comfort factor! It’s a leather woven rug a bit like the one we got for Master W’s room. It’s neutral but with plenty of texture so it’s not plain, and will be good for the spare bedroom once we get our two light sleepers into the same room. Plus, it was the perfect size and the real drawcard was the $35 price! On special at Ezibuy. You can hardly get a doormat for that price!

Miss E gets the quilt Gran made for her as well to protect her delicate self.

I think our home will always be an evolving mix of the perfect and the not-so-perfect. Isn’t it funny how we always have visions of perfection despite knowing full well that sometimes we just have to make do? I’m still looking for my shag rug!

Cosying up by the fire

Our lounge is relatively long and narrow, with the fireplace and two windows very well centred on one wall. With a super long sofa, we’ve always struggled to create a cosy set up without things looking a bit odd. For a long time, our sofa and two armchairs have been well spread apart, with the big coffee table and a whole lot of space in the middle that tended to clutter up with toys (and big boys toys boat upholstery supplies behind the sofa!):

Among other things, we made the most of the Easter weekend by shifting our boy, Master W, into his new bedroom, making room in his old bedroom for such things as upholstery supplies, clothes airers and extra boxes and chairs which had been cluttering up the lounge. We also managed to sell an old filing cabinet which had been a bit of an “elephant in the room” for far too long.

So I didn’t waste a moment to finally, finally set up a “proper” lounge with a cosy seating area, and a slightly separate area for toys and lolling on the floor.

We tried this (loooong sofa lengthways in the room):

But even squinting to imagine it without piles of washing on the sofa, it wasn’t working for either of us and we quickly put the sofa back to sitting across the room. With much shuffling of the floor rug, coffee table and armchairs we eventually settled on this:

It’s a bit hard to see, but the sofa is now sitting about a half a metre forward from where it was previously (see top photo) with room for the temporary sideboard (long story short: the one Andre started making for me is still sitting right where it landed in the garage almost two years ago when we moved here, so he turned up one evening with this fill-in to ease his guilt!) behind it.

We’ve also pulled the armchairs in a bit so the lounge area is nice and cosy and discourages the spread of toys in an area I’d like to keep a little bit “special” and tidy.

It’s not all bad for the kids, it’s actually better for them too, because now we have this area behind the armchairs and within sight of the kitchen, where they can play and spread toys without it getting too much underfoot:

And no, they don’t play with stacks of paperwork (this is now relegated to the spare room and is waiting for some attention of the rubbish bin variety). Because I’m a bit paranoid about crumbs on my Persian handiwork (well, someone elses really) I am going to get a comfy shag rug or similar for the kids (and big kids) to play on. One problem with wooden floors is it’s so jolly uncomfortable to get down on the floor and play. Must remedy that as there’s nothing better than a good play session down on the floor – just ask Master W who is always tugging me down – “Mummy play wis you?”.