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Curtain rods DIY: Hang ’em straight

Last week I got carried away with the boring but necessary details of our DIY curtain rods. So today is light-hearted relief in the form of more images, less words! First, obligatory pictures of the diy process and the loveliest handyman (although that t-shirt might have to bypass the outbox and go straight to the charity bin):

0820_7825 0820_7828

Now, here are my curtain rods to say hi.





0820_7855 0820_7852 0820_7853Aaah – who knew curtain rods would make me so starry-eyed?! Let me just have another scroll back…

Nice! So happy to have them up and despite the current lack of curtains the rods alone just make the rooms so much more finished looking (to me!).

In saying that though, there is nothing like a photo of a space you are so familiar with you could get around blind-folded, to show you the things you miss when you’re living in it.

Like that dining table that still hasn’t had its base painted white.

But also the things like the view of the lemon tree out the “green bedroom” window – it’s so pretty and full of fruit right now!

And the “temporary” light shade in the master bedroom – reclaimed from the sunroom before it became the kitchen – which we have plans for as a table lamp shade… one day!

And my sincere thanks to you for not even noticing the mess!

Meeting deadlines six years later

I did it!

With just days to spare I was relieved to hear a knock on the door this morning, and open it to see the Fedex man! After two missed deliveries it was third time lucky for him – he even got to see my happy dance in the sunshine on the front step… he was real lucky.

This time six years ago there were nervous mums, bridesmaids arriving, preparations going on and I was super excited. I still am! We have packed so much into six years and it feels like such a long time ago, but it also feels a bit like it was all just happening last month!

Happy six years to us… we finally have a wedding album.

With the package came a promo code for 15% off my next book… valid until November 3rd. Think I can do it…? Next up is our travel album. I’m likely to get so into in reminiscing I’ll miss the discount deadline by a long way… Cheer me on and I might just keep at it…