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Dining chairs madeover

It’s been a good day for my dining chairs. They got some Vitamin D, a spruce up and two of them even got something like a pedicure.

Last night, on a spur of the moment* trip to Daiso $3 Japan I got a couple of treats for my chairs, and a few other treats for my kitchen, windows and stationery drawer.

While the sun streamed in the french doors I got to work with some magic sponges ($3.33 for a bag of 12 from Daiso – I thought I’d see how they compared to my original Whitewash sponge) and gave my hard working chairs a spruce up. Grubby fingerprints be gone!

Then with that out of the way I opened up this little bag of cuteness:

Oooohh! Chair socks! Have you ever heard such a thing?! I found Andre checking out the tie rack at Daiso and showed these to him, expecting a snort of derision. But I got the opposite! He was the first to suggest we bring them home for our chairs. And because it was that sort of spur of the moment* night where I just felt like grabbing anything that took my fancy and figuring out what to do with it later, I did. Neon green or orange were available, but while fashionably “just so”, I thought these pastel blue ones (sans strawberry perhaps) were more our thing.

Conveniently the strawberries were just hanging on by a thread so I snipped them off and will save them for another project…

The concrete floor does get cold, so I know my chairs appreciate this little touch:

And while we opted not to go the neon route, the paint-dipped legs effect is keeping our chairs right on trend (here‘s some more trendy chairs, and here and here):

We just got a couple of “pairs” (pairs of pairs?) so might have to go back for more. We can’t have jealousy between chair-friends. I also need to go and get my owl from Typo. So inconvenient of their eftpos machine to be down. At 2 minutes before closing. The particularly helpful hurrying-want-to-go-home staff member had no idea I was in town for the first time in over 6 months and was highly unlikely to be popping back in tomorrow.

The chair socks make coffee so much more pleasant. Especially when both kids happen to have coordinated their afternoon sleeps and there is no chance of noisy chair scrapeage to wake them up.

Go our golden girls and guys!

*Spur of the moment: n. 1. a rare occurence, only happening when grandparents do dinner and bed and I get to go out with only my (half empty) handbag and husband for company. 2. something I miss. 3. something I want to not miss anymore!