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Small spaces: An open playhouse

Open playhouse for small space

This little playhouse was one of my very first pins onto my kids room board on Pinterest. I thought it would be a fabulous option for small rooms, because visually it doesn’t fill the space, even though it is plenty roomy enough for a couple of kids to play in.

But, I wondered if it was one of those play things far more appealing to adults, and would just have the kids ignoring it in favour of something more messy looking!

I’m thinking again, because Miss E has been having such fun playing behind a bed frame we currently have stored in “the green room” – no matter that it’s open, although the slats help give it a more “cosy” feeling.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick-assemble version of this open playhouse that you could dismantle and rebuild wherever and whenever takes your fancy?

With summer coming along nicely (at least it was this morning, before the rain started!) I’ve been pondering our lovely big (bigger than it used to be!) lawn with thoughts of picnics and games. How fun would it be to set up a playhouse like this on the lawn, drape a sheet over for some shade, and laze on some cushions with a stack of books for the afternoon?

Hmmm… play kitchen or playhouse…? That is the question!

PS. Also love love love that paper plane on the wall! It’s a fun touch to an otherwise rather grown up room.