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An organised office nook

I don’t know where to start with this, so maybe I’ll just start at the end?


Aaah that’s better! I guess I just didn’t want to start by showing you this:

0625_0554That is what was left of the doorway off the lounge into the kitchen, after we started working things around to create a new bedroom, laundry, and the office nook.

I can’t seem to find a photo from before we got started with demo, but here is the view from the other side, looking from the original kitchen into the lounge.


Here is the wall as it was getting cut out…


And after the framing and lining was completed…0625_1586

Eventually the trim got finished and we got some paint up. That is how it stayed for longer than I care to remember – one giant filing cabinet across the lounge, and a definitely seen better days student desk, with piles of all sorts half hiding behind it.0625_2087

Then the magic started to happen. We bought a piece of laminated timber benchtop off Trade Me, cut it to fit, varnished it up and one evening last winter it got installed!0625_4832

That was followed by some much needed shelves.

0625_4948And the delay since then has been all mine. I guess I was busy elsewhere.

So now I am delighted to introduce you to my office nook. Enjoy! Feast your eyes!


0625_7221 0625_7224 0625_7219 0625_7218 0625_7208 0625_7207 0625_7206 0625_7205 0625_7203 0625_7202 0625_7201 0625_7200 0625_7199

Here’s something of a source list:

Desktop – Trade Me
Shelves – Bunnings
Pinboard – inherited
Storage boxes – The Warehouse, Briscoes, Boxalong
Jars – collected
Ringbinders – Warehouse Stationery (labels my own)
Drawers – Ikea via Trade Me

As for a budget… do you mind if I skip that today? It’s been quite the challenge enough to get photos done and a post up!

I love that the pinboard will be a constantly changing artwork, but I also plan to hang something gorgeous to the left of it for balance. We are also toying with the idea of a narrow shelf (like this) above the pinboard to balance the shelves either side, and provide a little more storage space.

I do hope you love this space as much as I do! I’d be delighted to know what you think… comment away or tell me on Facebook.


Reclaiming the pantry: Stage 2

You might remember stage one of project pantry?

Well last weekend I spent the whole afternoon on stage two.

It has taken some time to get from stage one to stage two, because I had to come to terms with spending over $500 on Tupperware. $500! However, when I look back in 30 years I’m sure it will seem more like an investment than an extravagance. I know my mother and mother-in-law are more than happy with their Tupperware and the lifetime guarantee they provide.

I began by working through the contents of my pantry and writing a list of what size container I’d like, and would fit into the appropriate shelf. I have definitely not got a container for every item, but all the pantry staples are covered and the less used items are doing just fine in their original packaging.

Anyway, here is how it was looking a while back before stage one:

And here is the result of hours of sorting and reordering on the shelves (more on my reordering obsession here):

I was working on some labels for the containers when I got a call to say the order was on its way and that they’d popped in a sheet of preprinted labels for me for free! That was much appreciated, although I’m not a big fan of the font… font snob! I did have to handwrite a couple, but I was surprised how many of my pantry items were already on the sheet of labels.

I’m not quite done yet though… stage three involves the storage under the microwave which still needs some work. Because (those of you who said this would happen can feel free to say “I told you so” about now) the door is left open most of the time I’d like this quite obvious area to have a little more going for it in the way of style. What I have in mind is some rustic wooden boxes fitted into the storage box, with some baskets sitting on top. One day…

Towels, sheets and camping gear

One old house, one new linen cupboard!

And the first linen cupboard I can organise, reorganise and organise  again in almost 5 years! Yes, for 5 years I have been without a dedicated linen cupboard. Kind of sad really, as such cupboards are made for storage nerds like myself. They provide ample opportunity to fill in time pulling things out, refolding and putting back in some other kind of order.

Order is kind of the order of the day around here just lately… what with working on 3 lots of shelving (linen cupboard which you’ll see here, and laundry and kitchen to be continued) and sorting mountains of clothes, unnecessary linen and kitchen bits and pieces I feel almost like the light at the end of the tunnel must be just around the corner! It could just be spring in the air… and daylight saving having restored some promise of getting things done “in time”…

So, here’s the linen cupboard after a coat of MDF primer (we used MDF instead of Gib to give us flexibility with attaching shelving, and to cut down on plastering… ughh!) and two top coats of Resene Half Rice Cake. We didn’t fuss with painting the trim or ceiling in here white… as you’ll see further down it’s not likely to ever be seen again anyway!

Post this photo, the floor was sanded, holes filled with Rimu putty, and sealed over – it’s actually come up really well and the line is much less clear between “old” and “new”.

We cut all but the largest of the shelves from the old kitchen cupboard doors, which saved a bit of $$ – always a bonus! The large piece is a new bit of customwood. All pieces were sanded lightly, primed with MDF primer where necessary and painted over with 2-3 coats of Resene Enamacryl in White. It’s a bit glossy and will be reasonably hard wearing which is kind of necessary for shelves.

Then came some drilling, measuring and levelling…

And finally the shelves were complete! It’s a bit awkward to get a good photo of this cupboard as it’s a narrow little thing tucked in the middle of the hall.

And here they are after just a couple of organisation attempts – restrained aren’t I?! No doubt I won’t get to the end of the year without another reorganise…

Right up the top we have some bits of camping gear which is best stored inside away from the potential dampness of the garage, then there’s a guest shelf with special towels and sheets, then family towels, family sheets and beach towels and a picnic set and rug on the bottom shelf. Below that is the vacuum cleaner, and to the left is a narrow space (have a look in the next photo above for a clearer view) for the ironing board, mop and broom.

As you can see we do still need to paint the door and frame, architraves etc but functionality is a priority and we’ve moved onto finishing the laundry first!

Just an interesting thing I thought I’d point out… In this organisation attempt #2 I’ve collated sheet sets within their corresponding pillowcase, as I’ve seen recommended many times over. Check out the difference between the standard cotton set (on the bottom) and the flannelette set… whoa! Close-up for you, with said sheets in the middle shelf:

No I did not iron (it’s not really something I do…) but I pretty well sat on these to squish them down a bit. Maybe I need to try again when I’m 8 1/2 months preggo?


Ode to Office Nook

Oh office nook
You are dear to my heart
My desire for organisation
And my love of stationery
Will you be mine?

Call it cheesy, odd or just plain geeky – I don’t mind, because I am getting an office nook!

Now that the form is there I can visualise so much easier and those visualisations involve “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”… I….  W…I..L…L…  B..E…  ORGANISED! And it will be pretty as well as functional! Well, maybe not pretty, but it will be hot!

Like this, as looked at daily on my Pinterest office moodboard:

Right now, this is what we have, so all power to visualisation!

It’s not exactly an “Oh wow!” moment, but things are happening here faster than they ever have before and I’m loving it! So fast that I have little time to get in and get photos!

As you can see we’ve insulated these internal walls with the Pink Batts left over from here in order to provide a sound barrier for the bedroom which is surrounded by potentially noisy areas like the kitchen, office and laundry. A sleeping toddler (and baby??) is worth every bit of extra effort!

We have also lined these walls with customwood instead of Gib, which allows for faster prep for painting, and the real bonus of fixing shelving however we decide without having to locate studs.

Most of the electrical work is done in this area as well as the laundry also. And we’ve got 3 double power points in the office nook alone – yes! No more multiboxes underfoot!

We’re scratching our heads a little over the flooring… where walls have been cut out the flooring is thankfully still the rimu floorboards, but in a much different condition than the rest of the floor. There are also some areas (ie. the doorway to the bedroom) which at some point were holes for various things and were patched badly years ago. Ideally we’d sand the whole house and get it all consistent, but that’s not happening! Hopefully a patch sand will do the trick and look fine, albeit with a little more character!

More on that when it happens…

For now, here’s something to keep the excitement up: