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Small spaces: For all the family outdoors

This has given me some ideas for the corner of our backyard where I’ve been debating an adult style pergola or a child style playhouse. Something about this outdoor nook tells me that with a little thought, we can achieve both!


Small spaces: a sink nook

Pretty perfect innit? I love everything about this little corner of Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne. It’s on the staff side of the counter but totally within drooling distance for the coffee and/or beautiful design addicts. Habitus Living – thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous tiles – they’ve taken subway and smashed it. American oak benchtop… I like a bit of american oak. The mixer is sweet and the flowers are my favourite.

It might be completely impractical for a home kitchen (size helps when you have kids that constantly snack) but I can see this working pretty well in a laundry nook. Why doesn’t mine look as good as this?

Duck egg blue + storage = I’ll have that

I was shopping at the big red shed a few weeks back (lots of weeks actually, it was pre-baby and she is almost 6 weeks would you believe??), shopping for shoes for the toddler among other things, and as I strolled by the storage department I spied these pretty boxes!

I thought to myself… hmmmm… they look like me! In fact, two of them look like me (and him if you read the labels I suppose). They were only $7 each, and are pretty sturdy little things. Previously we had manilla folders sitting on the desk, and while I don’t have anything at all against plain manilla folders, they just weren’t up to holding all the bits and pieces that were collecting within.

These boxes do a much better job of hiding all the bits of paperwork we’re trying to avoid. Paperwork…? What paperwork?! “Unpaid insurance bill…? No, I never received it actually, could you please send it again?” (True story, I found it in my file after I got the phone call!)

We are well on our way to finishing the new bedroom, and this office nook is next on the list, so hang around for more if you’re into officey things and storage and filing and other such geeky things like myself.

In the meantime, you can take a look back at this lovely piece of office furniture which is mine, all mine!

My Helmer in red!

I’ve been eyeing up a drawer unit for the office for some time. It was on my Christmas list but sadly didn’t make it to “under the tree“.

So, once I spotted my Ikea Helmer drawer unit up as a $1 reserve auction on TradeMe there was no stopping me!

Actually it was Mr that went click happy bidding while I put the little one to bed (he refuses to have Daddy do it at the moment for some reason…).

At $157 it was a bit of a saving from the $219 retail from My Flat Pack as mentioned here.

After I picked it up one morning earlier this week I was determined to have it all assembled and in use before Mr got home! Because afternoon sleeps now include myself I had to do it with the little one running around and risk losing screws to his “helpful” nature. He’s been telling me this week he’s a “good helper!” Hmmm…

Anyway, we got started, down on the floor and first up was this:

A rather daunting multipage assembly instruction booklet. Not to mention the 101 pieces that had to come together into one unit!

Anyway, as a graphic designer I figure I should be as good as any at following pictorial instructions so we just got on with it… base, drawer runners and sides took all of 10 minutes (in the background you can see the sad old desk drawers that have stuck by me since I was a little girl, the handles were even once pink!):

Then the back just clicked on:

Then I ran into a bit of trouble when screws got involved… for the life of me I couldn’t get 11 out of 12 screws to move.

 So I started making up the drawers (which involved a lot of folding, clicking and bending of tabs, and thankfully the handles screwed on nicely):

I popped one into the upside-down unit to get an idea of how it would all come together, and there it stayed until Mr came home and said “oh you just need to cut the thread”… which sounds all very easy but pretty much just means drive them in with all your might (of which I didn’t have much after over an hour on the hard wooden floor…)

And here they are, minus any contents because I just haven’t got there yet…

 Because they have wheels they are so much fun to push around the lounge but I’ve been telling our little guy they are “Mummy’s special drawers – no touching!” So attached to them already and I haven’t even started using them!

I am also on the lookout for a similar set of a more vintage style as a contrast. Please let me know if you spot any! Here’s the sketch of the office originally posted here, to refresh your memory of my dream space (I’m a storage and stationery geek… what can I say!)

How to make an old kitchen into a bedroom, laundry and office… in a week?

Over the next week or so “we’ll” be busy as busy making over the old kitchen.

Allow the scrawled plan images (apologies for the poor images but I was working to the toddler clock…) below to show you how it will become a bedroom, laundry and office.

Originally we have this, which shows the kitchen, and laundry to the right:

And in a week we hope to have this:

Clear as mud I know but the little one woke too soon and has been out of sorts all evening so it’s as good as you’ll get until there are photos of the real thing.

A little (or large) explanation might help, but feel free to skip it if you get it already… We will build two little closet/nooks into the old kitchen space – one opening to the lounge at left, for an office, and the other opens to the bottom which is the hallway, and will be a laundry cupboard, with a linen cupboard alongside. Next to this is a new doorway, again from the hallway, into the new bedroom. The wall between the old kitchen and laundry will be removed, as will the door to the back steps (there’s another off the new kitchen) which we’ll replace with one of the sidelights from the original french doors from the lounge to the sunroom (the doors and one sidelight can be seen in their new home in the last picture here, and they’re all together in their original position in one of the images here). The hot water cylinder will remain in place due to costs and consents involved in shifting it, and we’ll decide on how we build a wardrobe/storage around it once the bones of the room are in place.

Here are the very beginnings of Renovation Stage Two, which means more demolition (so satisfying!):

I’m too houseproud to show you how the lounge currently looks while this is happening, but let me just say the couch has had to move to make way for around 3sqm of linen, laundry stuff, camping things and craft bits. And the pile of ironing I used to hide in the laundry cupboard…? Well, that’s sitting mockingly on the sofa, with the ironing board leaning tauntingly against the wall, and if I happen to walk past too close I can even see the iron in a box behind the couch… oooh, must be bedtime!