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DIY Retro Style


I’ve had an amusing and enlightening half hour this afternoon listening to Miss E chatter in her cot instead of sleeping… browsing through a decades old Reader’s Digest Do-it-yourself Manual!

This wardrobe is what I was looking at before I got distracted by all the other “projects”.


Andre pointed it out to me the other night (he regularly flicks through this manual…!) and I was keen to have another look, to see if it might be an option for our master bedroom wardrobe.

I’m not a huge fan of lots and lots of bare timber so my pick would be the white doors, with timber trim (bottom left).

But that’s a whole post for another day, so here’s some more midcentury project inspiration:


Adore the tiled (tiled-look at least) splashback and the hardware free cabinetry. Fresh baked bread – that too!


These stacking beds are good for a smile! And they’re actually a bit ingenious don’t you think?


This plant table has potential… I think I’d make a succulent version for outdoors.


Speaking of outdoors… if you have a large tree in your backyard how fun would this little hideaway be?! I love the striped canvas “roof” rather than a more permanently built one.


This telephone hall table brings back memories of a childhood friend who had one in her big wide villa hallway… envy! Home phones might be somewhat obsolete in the near future but it wouldn’t be wrong to perch on one of these for a chat on your smartphone would it? It would put a stop to pacing up and down or trying to fold the washing while holding a meaningful conversation – that’s got to be a good thing!

The previous generation (or two) were smart cookies, with style. And they even left us manuals to prove it. Hooray for them!