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Small spaces: Textures in Antwerp

This image had me doing a double-take when I spotted it on Pinterest this week, because at first glance it resembles the little flat we lived in in London! Not that ours was nearly as modern and tidy, but the layout and the white and neutral tones are a very close match.

One difference is that we had a dividing wall between the kitchen and the dining/living area that made it more poky and a lot less amazing than this apartment in Antwerp.

Nevertheless, it makes me long for the simple life of living small in a big city! I remember the only baking I ever did was a packet mix brownie that came with it’s own foiled cardboard baking tin! And it actually tasted pretty good!

While I couldn’t resist adding some personal touches if I lived here, I do like the pared back colour palette, and the textures in the brick wall and the plywood cabinetry. And the sofa.

Happy hump day!

Small spaces: It’s small cool time again

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since Apartment Therapy‘s last Small Cool contest! It’s one of my favourite online competitions because I get to peek inside real tiny homes – not just styled tiny homes. Because while the styled ones you see everywhere are amazing and beautiful… they’re probably not all that liveable in a homely sort of way.

I like my small to be homely and user-friendly.

So here are some of my favourite entries so far. (You can see them all here and even vote if you like.)

Sandy’s Cozy Copenhagen Home

Erin’s Well-Considered Home

Emily’s East Village Energy

Filipe’s Perfect Balance

That’s it for me today. It’s such a gorgeous day (freezing, but beautifully sunny!) so I’m going to make the most of it!

Small spaces: A clever feminine apartment

I’m sooooo excited to share this gorgeous apartment with you. I spotted it a couple of weeks ago and promptly pinned it, and then I treated myself to my original favourite kiwi home design mag at the checkout this morning, and there it is again!

Made my morning! So here’s some images of all it’s clever storageness, feminine gorgeousness and general amazingness, to make your day too…

Pretty amazing huh?! It’s a mere 45 sqm space in Moscow, reconfigured almost from scratch (I think they left only one non-load bearing wall intact) by Russian company INT2 Architecture.

Every nook and cranny has been designed and utilised to get the best of storage space without compromising on that feeling of openness. Another clever trick up their sleeve is how to keep things minimal and uncluttered while still oozing femininity and comfort.

I utterly adore this space and would move right in if I was single and childless. (Although I believe I’d be sharing with Shelley Ferguson – editor of Your Home and Garden – because she totally said the same thing!) The oooooonly thing I would change is the Scrabble-style tiling in the bathroom. Ok with you Shelley?

All images from here. (And I thank them from the bottom of my heart for including a floor plan!)

Small spaces: Tips for living

I’ve got a little something a bit different than the usual sweet tiny dwelling for Small Spaces this time!

Via Cup of Jo, I came across Reading My Tea Leaves just now, whose blog writer is something of an expert small space dweller. Having survived almost 3 years in less than 250 sq feet (that’s about 23 sq metres) with a husband and more lately an increasing belly (uh oh!) Erin has come up with some very useful and often surprising tips for making life more enjoyable when there’s not even enough room for a good fight to clear the air!

Thank goodness they’ve just made a move to 400 sq feet (eeek, still only 40 or so sq metres!) as babies might be small, but… the stuff they come with?!


My favourite tip is to play a song you both love, when an argument starts to escalate. Because you can’t just storm off and slam the door at the end of the hall, when there is no hall. I’m currently testing this one with the kids when things get out of hand. Nursery rhymes to turn tantrums into toddler rock?! Fingers crossed.


An obvious idea is to purge frequently. We are collectors by nature. And some of us have stronger tendencies than others… Get ruthless!


Plan your meals. Buy what you need. And no more. This one is good for head space as well as kitchen space. I do this myself, and while committing to planning and shopping (online!) for the whole week on a Sunday night does feel like a big chore, I love that Monday to Friday all I need to do is glance back at my menu and then get stuck in. No rummaging through a freezer or wasting an hour flicking through recipe books for inspiration for the meager offerings from the pantry.


Remember space is all relative. After a short stay in a teepee in the mountains, the luxury of a hot shower and flush toilet a few steps away is bi-i-g! This tip reminds me of how it felt to move out of our campervan (home for 5 1/2 months) and into our friends teensy one bedroom flat in London for a few weeks before we headed home. They probably felt like the day we hopped on the plane crept up verrry slowly, but we felt like star jumps and pillow fights just because we could!

Anyway – loads and loads (and loads) more tips and insights over at Reading My Tea Leaves, so go there. Even if you live in a palace.