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Pursuits of perfection

I was cleaning the bathroom this morning (right on schedule…) and pondering how we’ll go about sprucing it up when we get around to it. Right now, it’s pretty functional and while it doesn’t excite me in any way, it also doesn’t disgust me as long as I squint. There are other things that do, even when I squint. Like our back yard, so that’s next in line to get the dynamite. I think the bathroom might well be last. 1206_3130

I began with grand visions of shifting the bath, toilet and shower, oh and the basin. So yes, all fixtures were to be shifted (and all but the bath replaced with something new)… “It’s such a terrible layout – we can’t work with that!”. But work with it we have, and it’s not so bad. Plus, we’ve spent enough.

Decisions now are based on the “how can we make that great without spending much?!” question rather than the “what’s our ideal?” one.


There will be a makeover… it just won’t require shifting any fixtures.

And that doesn’t hurt now like it might have done two years ago. Buying this house we I had so many visions of a perfect little home and how we’d make it superbly awesome and wow everyone who set foot past the gate post. Now after two years of slow-going renovation my highest standard is “comfortable and stamped with our personality“. No more pursuits of perfection – they’re expensively fruitless. Lesson learned at age 30.