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Pin of the day: Leather strapped shelves

These shelves have been popping up in my world a bit lately, and at first I just admired them and carried on. But I couldn’t sleep last night, and in the process I decided it might be a good idea to replace the shelves in our lounge (just a few short months after buying them… oops) with a couple of gorgeous timber shelves held up with some leather straps, perhaps with a console underneath??

The thing is, despite mulling over the purchase of these Lundia shelves (we actually bought them from Second Gear) for quite some time, and spending a reasonable amount of dollars on them, they just don’t fit right in our lounge. (Sorry about the crooked photo… and the styling? Yes well… it’s Monday which means no child free moments for me. Styling involves moving the clothes airer aside. That’s it.)IMG_0519

Paint them? Yes, we’ve thought about it, but it just doesn’t feel right for some reason… and what colour would we paint them? White is too obvious and would just be one white too many for our lounge – which already has white(ish) walls and trim, white blinds, and a white lounge suite.IMG_0520

I’ve already relocated (in my mind) these shelves to the spare room – they will not be wasted.

It sounds like I’ve already made up my mind. I better hope Andre reads this post!

Pin of the day: Heart You

On a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon…

…we gave up on clearing the back yard and took shelter in a local bookshop. I managed to have a good browse through an Inside Out magazine.

With my mind on a master bedroom revamp (over the winter) I spotted this little leather flag by Pony Rider, which I thought would look sweet hanging from a headboard.

Too good to pass up

When we did the big rearrange-o in our lounge a couple of months back we made a “separate” play space for the kids where they would hopefully keep their toys at least a little bit contained. It’s working better than the previous set up where they (I’m talking Master W here really, Miss E is not included for now!) and their toys went everywhere I happened to be (they still do, but at least now there is one place for them all to go back to).

For a while we made do with an old lime green blanket so playing on the floor wouldn’t be quite so uncomfortable for those of us over 2 1/2.

Seeing as it totally clashed with my persian perfection (can you tell I love our lounge rug?!) I was keen to get something a bit more toned down. What I had in mind was an off-white shag rug. Simple yes?

No! Do you think I’ve been able to find not only a shag rug in off-white, but in the right size (120x180cm)? No sir-ree I have not. At least not for a reasonable (under $150, it’s for the kids and their mess and may not last long) price.

Anyway I found a stand-in which is great in all things other than it’s comfort factor! It’s a leather woven rug a bit like the one we got for Master W’s room. It’s neutral but with plenty of texture so it’s not plain, and will be good for the spare bedroom once we get our two light sleepers into the same room. Plus, it was the perfect size and the real drawcard was the $35 price! On special at Ezibuy. You can hardly get a doormat for that price!

Miss E gets the quilt Gran made for her as well to protect her delicate self.

I think our home will always be an evolving mix of the perfect and the not-so-perfect. Isn’t it funny how we always have visions of perfection despite knowing full well that sometimes we just have to make do? I’m still looking for my shag rug!