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Turning over a clean leaf

My sister-in-law keeps pinning cleaning schedules on her Pinterest boards… it’s been making me feel guilty. Guilty… guilty… guilty… inspired! I thought I’d give it a go and implement one into my daily routine. The main reason being that Fridays aren’t lighting me up quite like they used to. Now that my littlest one is on the move I’m back to cramming in all my housework into that precious naptime window or vacuuming around kids and toys. Not happy with either.

The best thing would be to ignore it altogether (this and this made me smile) but this also made me smile – “Laundry today, or naked tomorrow.”. So, housework must go on… I like clothes (and a clean house).

So here’s my take on the daily cleaning schedule, designed to take under an hour a day, freeing up my Friday a little for some precious me time.

The happy housewife illustration is from a mid-century Sunlight soap ad, found here. I thought she might be nice to have in my laundry. Just a shame she can’t come to life like a cleaning fairy and whip around the house while I’m asleep – she looks like she’d be so good at it, and enjoy it too!

Today is day 3 of following the schedule… can I keep at it for more than a week?

In the background

Making a house a home is not just about cracking out a new kitchen, or doing back-breaking demolition, or even major concrete pours, sometimes it’s just about washing, washing and more washing.

Today, I am aiming to get to the bottom of the washing basket and to find the spare bed and laundry bench again… they’re in there somewhere, I know they are!

That’s not one pile of washing you see on the bed, it’s two. And there are piles on each of the three chairs in the room, not to mention the ironing draped over the airer. Let’s not mention the boxes, or how the blanket on the bed is not exactly tucked in. Or the fact that there is another load of washing in the machine, AND in the dryer.

It looks like I’m trying to run a pharmacy from my laundry at the moment. I’m not – I don’t have a license. This is how it looks most of the time – do you believe me?!

Laundry imperfection

Now that the purveyor of fine things has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of all that is going on (or not!) at my house right now, I can show the rest of you the laundry development.

As is the kitchen, the laundry is 95% finished, and if I wait for 100% you might never get to see anything. So ready or not, this is it, starting at the end of August with a wall (about to be removed):

Then the insertion of extra tall doors to maximise the space (it makes it look very narrow in photos, but the whole laundry is just over 1200mm wide):

Electrical work done, and MDF lining in (as with the linen cupboard, this requires no stopping, and means you can be more flexible with shelving):

Then primed, painted and the dryer and cabinet in:

Shelves in:

Then my two men were down on hands and knees to fill in holes in the floorboards where the wall had been. The floors are rimu and we used rimu putty which seems to be working ok colour-wise.

And then sand it (thank you husband for attaching the vacuum cleaner!). Varnishing happened somewhere a bit later…:

A new benchtop fitted (we bought a piece off Trademe and cut it down to fit. At $48 it was worth the small amount of extra effort! It’s not a complete match with the kitchen but is near enough to keep me satisfied.):

We repurposed the old kitchen sink to use it here – it scrubbed up quite nicely and is roomy enough for a bucket but not so big it takes up all the bench space. And as far as the tap went we opted for cheap over awesome. Here’s Andre drilling a hole for the tap:

The below image is a good one – it shows how my house looks a lot of the time. Tools, dust and doors every which where. It is intended as a plumbing work in progress shot though, so do take note of the pipes under the sink, and take special note of how tidy they are… nice job husband and thank you for spending most of a whole Saturday under the house, not only hooking up the new laundry but supervising the little one under there too!

And today, this is how it’s looking:

I contemplated using “makeover” in the title, but we’re not quite there yet which is why you don’t get the styled shot and I didn’t even bother to remove the lopsided stack of buckets and washing basket.

Still to do is the following:

1. Install kickboard under cabinet
2. Install tiles around bench (Mitre 10 and everywhere else I got to is suddenly out of stock of gloss white mosaics for 2-6weeks!)
3. Purchase storage containers (in a colour please, I have enough white!) to organise and tidy shelves …Side note #1: needing extra icecream containers is a poor excuse for treating ourselves to icecream every night.
4. Purchase baskets (fabric?) in coordinating colour with storage containers to sit on top of dryer to disguise bare gap and balance out top shelf
5. Paint doors and trim
6. Find and fit door handles (preferably to match existing hardware… hmmm…)

As is the way though in our house right now (and quite possibly forever and always…) once it’s done enough to be functional, we’re on to the next “big project” which does make me concerned about when the last little 5% might get done, and when I can do the fun part of styling and showing off some images fit for a home design glossy…

Still, onwards and upwards, there’s a new baby coming and a bedroom needs to be finished.

Side note #2: In case you’re wondering about the office nook – it has lights and powerpoints and is primed and puttied up, but is a bit on hold as the bedroom is more important right now. Or was I the only one wondering…?

How to make an old kitchen into a bedroom, laundry and office… in a week?

Over the next week or so “we’ll” be busy as busy making over the old kitchen.

Allow the scrawled plan images (apologies for the poor images but I was working to the toddler clock…) below to show you how it will become a bedroom, laundry and office.

Originally we have this, which shows the kitchen, and laundry to the right:

And in a week we hope to have this:

Clear as mud I know but the little one woke too soon and has been out of sorts all evening so it’s as good as you’ll get until there are photos of the real thing.

A little (or large) explanation might help, but feel free to skip it if you get it already… We will build two little closet/nooks into the old kitchen space – one opening to the lounge at left, for an office, and the other opens to the bottom which is the hallway, and will be a laundry cupboard, with a linen cupboard alongside. Next to this is a new doorway, again from the hallway, into the new bedroom. The wall between the old kitchen and laundry will be removed, as will the door to the back steps (there’s another off the new kitchen) which we’ll replace with one of the sidelights from the original french doors from the lounge to the sunroom (the doors and one sidelight can be seen in their new home in the last picture here, and they’re all together in their original position in one of the images here). The hot water cylinder will remain in place due to costs and consents involved in shifting it, and we’ll decide on how we build a wardrobe/storage around it once the bones of the room are in place.

Here are the very beginnings of Renovation Stage Two, which means more demolition (so satisfying!):

I’m too houseproud to show you how the lounge currently looks while this is happening, but let me just say the couch has had to move to make way for around 3sqm of linen, laundry stuff, camping things and craft bits. And the pile of ironing I used to hide in the laundry cupboard…? Well, that’s sitting mockingly on the sofa, with the ironing board leaning tauntingly against the wall, and if I happen to walk past too close I can even see the iron in a box behind the couch… oooh, must be bedtime!