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Pin of the day: A vintage style shared kids room

I’ve been on a little pinning spree again this morning… I go for days without even opening Pinterest, and then I go a little mad pinning and scrolling furiously through bucket loads of things I’ve missed! (A bit like how I treat this blog… nothing for weeks on end, then… two posts in a week?!) How do you pin?! Are you like me, or a faithful daily pinner?

Whatever your pinterest style, what we would do without it I don’t know… And my favourite feature is the “Pssst! Looks like you’ve already pinned this!”- because without that my boards would be full of double-ups and even triple-ups! So many images catch my eye over and over, for good reason.

This was one that I tried to triple-pin this morning:

Amazing shared kids room

Via Lovely Life.

The abundant natural light, the giant map wall, the cute vintage beds, the greenery, the floors, the rug, the easy storage baskets under the bed… all of it! Love it.

Pin of the day: Somewhere to hide

DIY tee pee bed / Mokkasin

No reason for this one getting my attention today, other than with one miserable girl keeping me up most of the night, and feeling pretty average myself today, I could do with a hiding place like this. I would sink into that pile of cushions, close my eyes and shirk all responsibility.

But I’ll have to stick with numerous cups of lemon/honey/ginger infused hot water instead. I don’t even feel like a coffee… pretty bad state of affairs really.

So that’s all from me… until I crawl back out!

Pin of the day: A starry night

Everlasting Star (glow in the dark) - Engel. - BijzonderMOOI* Dutch design onlineBack with a pin of the day after many months of neglecting it!

This one got me for a number of reasons. The first one being that amazing navy wall. I’m seeing dark walls everywhere right now and I love them! The star garland is perfect against it, and reminds me a little of the washi tape skyline I did in the kids room a while back.

Also, how amazing is that wall hung cabinet, and so fun to push the bed right up next to it. It almost makes me want to move back into a single bed so I can have me some treasures and hide them safely next to me while I sleep!

Not so keen on the technology right next to the bed. Or to be honest, at all in a kids world (other than letting them borrow mum and dad’s under supervision). What do you think? Are you all for kids embracing technology from a young age or do you opt for good old fashioned fun every time? I’m hoping to find the middle road…

Image from my Kids Room Pinterest board.


Small spaces: An open playhouse

Open playhouse for small space

This little playhouse was one of my very first pins onto my kids room board on Pinterest. I thought it would be a fabulous option for small rooms, because visually it doesn’t fill the space, even though it is plenty roomy enough for a couple of kids to play in.

But, I wondered if it was one of those play things far more appealing to adults, and would just have the kids ignoring it in favour of something more messy looking!

I’m thinking again, because Miss E has been having such fun playing behind a bed frame we currently have stored in “the green room” – no matter that it’s open, although the slats help give it a more “cosy” feeling.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick-assemble version of this open playhouse that you could dismantle and rebuild wherever and whenever takes your fancy?

With summer coming along nicely (at least it was this morning, before the rain started!) I’ve been pondering our lovely big (bigger than it used to be!) lawn with thoughts of picnics and games. How fun would it be to set up a playhouse like this on the lawn, drape a sheet over for some shade, and laze on some cushions with a stack of books for the afternoon?

Hmmm… play kitchen or playhouse…? That is the question!

PS. Also love love love that paper plane on the wall! It’s a fun touch to an otherwise rather grown up room.