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Party time

Happy Anniversary to you Auckland! Isn’t it the best feeling to go to bed on Sunday night and know the start of the week can be put off for another day?!

We began our long weekend with a party for Miss E, and the “maiden event” for our new deck. Can you believe this little poppet is nearly two already?!

Her favourite song at the moment is Incy Wincy Spider, so I had some fun with spiders, sunshine, rain and a drain pipe… The best thing? One look at her cake and she said “Incy Wincy!” Always a relief when they recognise the cake for what it is (meant to be!).

0127_MissE party

A couple of months ago, we also celebrated Master W’s 4th birthday. It was the most enjoyable kids party we’ve held to date, because the birthday boy was old enough to get it, and to appreciate that all the fuss was for him! And, we had it at our favourite local park so all the mess was just packed away into a rubbish bag and we were done!

0127_MasterW party

Apologies for sporadic posting once again… I have plans for a great big DIY style post and summary of our reno project to date. It’s forming in my head at the moment, and I’ll get to the writing bit real soon ok?!

Now I’m off to procrastinate some more put a second coat of paint on the frame of our deck screen.