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Pots on the patio

0606_0264Warning: this post may contain a few mildly irritating references to pottering.

Some days are just plain old rewarding. Saturday was like that. After a morning doing kid things like the crazy-long-queue Lego show, the afternoon was spent pottering outside in the front yard. It was looking a little sad after some battering rain, and a little inattention since we’ve been out back for the last month of weekends. It’s still looking a little sad because the lawn is a mess, but I had yet another chat with the guys (they’re all just lovely old dads, with dad kind of advice) at Newton’s Seed this morning and came home with another bag of seed, some fertiliser, and some nutritious soil. Hoping for sunshine this weekend.

So, pots. Pots and pots!

And chairs and potting mix and plants and garden tools…


It got pretty messy for a while. But there really is nothing quite like planting fresh new plants – there’s so much excitement in a teensy little plant and a pile of rich brown soil. I can’t wait until they grow! Here’s how it looked after a minor hose down:


And today, on this beautiful sunshiney day, here’s some more patio prettiness:

0606_7156 0606_7155 0606_7157 0606_7159 0606_7158

I got all my plants from Roger’s nursery in Mangere. It’s pretty cheap, but I go there for the entertainment if nothing else. It’s jam-packed full of goodies, but if you can find one of the chaps who work there they can always point you in the right direction (if you can turn your wheelbarrow around that is). And Roger can always be heard shouting tidbits of advice from his hut at the entrance as he takes your money (cash only – go prepared).

As for my plant selection… I had a short list – lambs ear, some herbs, succulents… then just filled up the wheelbarrow with whatever else I liked the look of. And Master W picked out a plant for himself too. Some others that I already had waiting for pots came from my Poppa – let’s hope my ones do as well as his own patio full.

0606_7164As well as pottering on the patio, I had a tidy up of the garden bed on the other side, and filled in some gaps with a random assortment of flowers. Some of my hydrangeas have done really well, others have barely grown – not sure why, but I’m done waiting for them to fill out.


When you live amidst the chaos of so many unfinished projects and rooms and outdoor areas it is nice to have something that feels a bit more done. Someplace you can just go and admire and feel a bit satisfied with how it is right now.

The front yard is in no way complete, but for now it feels like we’ve done enough (apart from rescuing the lawn) and the rest can wait. It’s winter after all!



A family outing to the garden centre

Last weekend we bundled up (it was freezing!) and headed to the garden centre for a stroll around, armed with a shopping list for some goodies for our new garden.

I was excited about getting some mandarin and lime trees, but we left those behind and I’m rethinking that plan now. For the sole reason that citrus doesn’t take kindly to underplanting, and I’d like to fill my garden with plants rather than just have a handful dotted here and there and cover the rest with mulch. More on that when I decide…

We did come away with a bunch of herbs, flowers and vegies though, for the part of the garden down the side of the house. You might recall this is going to be a temporary (or not) vegie garden for now.

Since the addition of children to our household we’ve been into organic living in a small way (or perhaps not so small when you consider that all I fed Master W for his first year was organic… think I can keep that up for Miss E?!) so where possible bought organic versions of all that was on our list.

Here’s what we came home with:

And here is where it got to:

We haven’t had to worry about them drying out!

There is just a bit more time to be spent on the irrigation system before we can get these tender plants into their fancy new abode. It was in the plans for last Saturday but things didn’t go to plan. That’s our theme around here!

I promise we’re working on getting this garden bed put to bed though, see: