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For a king & a fairy princess

My last post got me a bit motivated to move things along another step in the kids bedroom. Actually it was less that, than the fact Miss E’s feet were hanging over the end of her toddler bed – a sure sign she was ready for a “proper big bed”!

So the last couple of weekends have been about furniture shuffling and a little shelf install. Fun times!

And version 4.6 of the kids room is…. here! And today it is tidy, which is as good as you’ll ever get from me. Styling to perfection is not going to happen despite my best intentions. So that creepy dark thing on the wall? It’s not a giant bug – it’s a peacock feather which looks perfectly charming in reality, it just doesn’t photograph well (or look particularly harmless in the middle of the night!).

0925_7144 0925_7145 0925_7146 0925_7147 0925_7149 0925_7150

Here’s how it looks from the lofty heights of King W’s bed (a bit scary to be honest when I’m up there making the bed, but he’s fine with it!):

And here’s my little fairy princess doing her best to untidy the room (which I totally am ok with because it tells me she loves hanging out in here!), and she’s super excited that Version 4.7 gets underway tomorrow with a “princess bed” pick up planned.

0925_7105Let’s hope she can hold that excitement for a while, because Mum’s gone and bought yet another thing that requires some Daddy DIY to get it functional. Stand by kings and princesses!


I scream, you scream…

… we all scream for icecream!

There was lots of that going on in our front yard on Saturday. Actually it was more squealing than screaming. Screaming is scary. Squealing is over excited… and we’re still sleeping it off.

0204_Icecream Party invitation

This little girl turned one last week. Here she is in all her first birthday sweetness – altogether now, say “Awwww!”:


Hot, hot, summer weather, a desire to show off my new front yard, and the horror of kids dripping icecream all over my freshly mopped floors brought the whole party outdoors for a picnic style celebration. Awesome!

Except for the wind that played havoc with my table arrangements and slaved-over lovingly-created garlands. Speaking of which, take a look at my party inspiration on Pinterest.


We started with kiwi “chips and dip” and sandwiches, then quickly moved on to the main event of icecream. Complete with waffle cones, sauces, sprinkles and gummy bears!



Did we enjoy it? Yes we did!




Mum brought some oliebollen from the Pukekohe Farmer’s Market (literally “oil balls” in Dutch, but oh so much better than that sounds!) which went down pretty quickly.


I had a great time picking out some photo highlights of our little girls first year to string up between the trees. It is lovely to have some memories of such a busy year now lying all about the house to make me stop and smile!


Sticky fingers (and more) were washed off in the paddling pool…


And finally it was time for cake and then home. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!