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To the polls

Here’s the thing: We have a disagreement in our house. It’s to do with the master bedroom wardrobe (or closet). We are trying to decide whether to work with the current built-in version, or replace it with something freestanding. I will do my best to present each side of the case in an unbiased way, to allow you to make your own choice. We’re going to the polls! Are you ready?!



Exhibit A (on the left): One pale apricot painted built in closet
– Likely the cheaper option to work with it
– A built in wardrobe can help to sell a house
– Lacking in style
– Prevents (future) curtain hanging freely as it butts right up to the window
– Restricted depth (due to window) means hanging clothes are pretty tight inside

Exhibit B (example, on the right): One beaten up freestanding wardrobe or closet – either one large to share or one each side by side*
– Can style it up with mismatched but complementary his and hers wardrobes
– Allows curtain to hang properly, with breathing space between closet and window
– Potentially more expensive
– Even narrower storage than current built-in
– May be detrimental to house sale price (when the time comes) even if wardrobe(s) are included in the chattels

*Not so pretty picture of a freestanding option so as to keep this a fair fight

Either way, some vision is required for this task – as awesome as can be built in? Or as awesome as can be freestanding? What do you think? I’d love some help with solving our disagreement!

The polls are open:

Thank you. Please feel free to comment also, if you have anything further to contibute to this argument!

Pin of the day: Wardrobe envy

I did a little online shopping recently… and I have nowhere to hang it. My wardrobe is overflowing.

If only this problem was outweighed by an abundance of clothes to choose from. Sadly, all it means is my wardrobe is tiny and totally lacking in form and function.

I’d like this freestanding one:

Pinned ImageAnd I’ll take one for Andre too while I’m at it. His can be trimmed in navy or grey and I’ll have mine with yellow or pink or duck egg blue…


A wardrobe dilemma

I was going to tell you about my wardrobe reorganise today, but then I looked at the pictures I took, and realised there’s little difference between the before and the after. More work to do… sigh!

So I did a little Pinterest browsing to find some dream wardrobes, because among other things, that’s what Friday’s are for!

I’ve been hankering after a freestanding wardrobe as our current built-in was an afterthought and its looks and function leave much to be desired.

The only decent ones to be seen on Trade Me come with a price tag to match so I quite like this idea from here, via here:

Paint could cover a whole lot of ugliness couldn’t it?

I’m going off cube storage, but I have to say it’d be nice to have this kind of cupboard – even the chair has it’s own special space (from here):

Pinned Image

There’s the simply sweet:

Pinned Image

And there’s the “maybe we should take a step back here“:

Pinned Image

Come on people, do you really, truly and honestly need all those clothes?

Anyway, enough time wasting, there’s housework to be done!

Quick question: Built in or freestanding wardrobes? The built in is good for resale but is a not quite right built in worth keeping just for that reason?