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A rug in the kitchen!

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I saw the sweetest little kitchen this morning (via Apartment Therapy on Facebook), and it’s sent me off on quite the tangent today… a kitchen rug search.

Never before have I considered a rug in the kitchen. It doesn’t seem a typical thing to do in New Zealand – the land of the barefoot children. For the whole of this winter my son has refused to wear even socks while we’re home. And I’ll admit I’m pretty happy going barefoot myself, although definitely only in the summertime.

But back to rugs in the kitchen. I can’t think of any friend or family member who have a rug in their kitchen. Not now, not as a child. But a quick search for “kitchen rug” and a million and one images appear of gorgeous kitchens in all kinds of styles and states of designerness (or obvious DIYness!). And all with various lovely rugs, right there in the kitchen. Some people opt for a mat alongside the sink (they must prefer handwashing dishes…) and others go for a full size mat to cover the entire kitchen floor.

Knowing the state my kitchen floor can get in, I hate to think of having to keep a rug clean among all the splattering and dropped food that just somehow happens.

But, the good news is there are options…

Machine-washable rug? Mmmhmm. Outdoor (hoseable!) – even better. Or just plain old cheap so you can throw it out when it gets too hideous.

I’ve done a little round up of my favourites, available (or soon to be) right here in l’il old NZ – the land of the catching on slowly to kitchen rugs.

0830_Kitchen rug

1. Helmi by Brita Sweden (available soon from MintSix) – a soft plastic rug for indoor/outdoor use, and machine washable
2. Tabriz Zebra mat from The Warehouse – goes cheap
3.SPRINGKORN by Ikea (Find an Ikea seller on TradeMe and ask them to add one to their next container for you) – cheap. Replaceable. Awesome.
4. Recycled Turkish rug from Gaiam – you can do a few good turns with purchasing one of these – the environment (it’s made from old soft drink bottles), Thai artisans (who get paid well for their efforts) and yourself (all it needs is a hose down to maintain it’s cleanliness).
5. LET LIV Cotton Striped Floor Rug – 100% cotton so it has to be pretty washable, and a good price for a classic stripe. Can’t go wrong!

And because I’m a sucker for punishment, Dash and Albert have the best selection of indoor/outdoor rugs you could ever hope for in one place – but unavailable in NZ.

Do you have a rug in your kitchen? Or does the very thought of it horrify you? I am reserving judgement until I see how much the Brita Sweden one might be… it’s my kitchen rug crush.


One thing off the list

Well I can cross one thing off the list for the little ones’ bedroom. As mentioned when I posted this moodboard I’ve had my eye on a rag-style rug. They finally came into stock at Freedom and I picked it up last week.

It’s great! Having not seen it “in person” I was prepared to be disappointed, but was more than happy to pick it up and bring it home.

Master W helped to roll it out and is now intrigued by the great long tube it came rolled around!

Here’s some shots taken last Friday when he was well enough out of the way that I could tidy his bedroom and have it stay that way for the duration of a few photos:

It’s not strictly a rag rug, but I believe it is made from offcuts of leather so it is a wee bit environmentally friendly too which is a nice bonus. At $129 and around 1500x2000mm it’s also a great bargain. While it’s not exactly a plush shag rug and does feel a little “rough” underfoot, it’s just nice to have something with a little more give than wooden floors, and even just the look of it has warmed the room already! I love the colours and know that it will wear well and last through multiple room updates as the colours are gender neutral, or balanced I suppose, and there is enough variation to not limit anything else that might take my fancy!

Like a yellow dresser… stay tuned for that!

I’ve also purchased another similarly constructed rug for the play area in the living room… it came folded so I’m waiting for the creases to mellow out before I get some pictures for you.

Anyone else warming up with new rugs (it’s chilly here) or perhaps rolling them up for a few months if you’re currently in the warmer hemisphere?