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Ferns for fresh air

I’m already appreciating the warm fuzzies coming from our underfloor and ceiling space, but (it’s a small one… no capitals!) I’ve noticed the lack of fresh air blowing through the gaps in the floorboards!

In the kids bedroom, now that there are two of them sleeping in there together, it’s just felt like the room needs some help in keeping it fresh. With the sunshine still warming our little part of the planet I’ve been throwing the windows open every chance I get, but the cold is coming… I can feel it in toes that need socks in the morning, and the blankets are making way for duvets.

We all know greenery is key to keeping a home healthy, and after a few minutes of browsing around for some ideas I learned that ferns are very efficient at helping to get rid of the toxins that make their way into our homes.

I hinted at this project last Friday – it’s a quick one which involves the kids and costs no more than the little ferns I bought at Palmers.


I had some cans saved from the previous few days of cooking, and some craft paper sitting around from another project that didn’t eventuate. A bit of double-sided tape made short work of fixing the craft paper around the can.


Thinking ahead to watering, I wondered if washi tape might hold up better than craft paper so I tried that for the next ones. I ripped it off after taping each round, rather than trying to wind it continuously around the can… that can lead to creases.


One of the cans took a short walk with the kids out the front gate to fossick for some loose stones on this little access road to the neighbours houses.


There couldn’t be a more perfect project for little ones to help out with!


With a good layer of stones in the bottom of each can for drainage, they were ready for planting. I bought three different ferns by “Wee Cuties” which were the perfect size for these cans. One is a Hare’s Foot, one a Brazil Tree and the other a Wing fern. I was hoping for a Maidenhair, but these were the only kinds available. Nevermind – I’ll probably kill them and need to replant in a short time anyway!


I didn’t worry about potting mix, but instead used the soil from our vege garden, which is pretty healthy and recently composted and fertilised so should help to give these little ferns a good start.


Just a short fifteen minutes later we walked them into the kids bedroom to sit on top of the manrobe, where they are least likely to get mauled by curious children.

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Now, I must go and water them…