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Lounge-o rearrange-o

The sun hit again this afternoon and it sent me off on a rearrange the lounge frenzy. It’s been in cosy mode for a few months and I’m excited to try it back the other way again (although I’m not tempting Murphy by taking that kindling box out just yet!).

Pictures, pictures… here they are: 0920_8160 0920_8161 0920_8163 0920_8165 0920_8166

And one little bonus shot of the sun streaming into the dining area –


Hey did you spot those dreamy new curtains in the lounge?? I’m just going to whip the rest of the house into shape so I can get some photos of them up in the master and spare bedrooms too. Enjoy the weekend, and I hope to be back next week with those bedroom curtain photos for you!

Mid Century Style

I have a new appreciation for mid century design… new as in about a year old. Which is pretty new, and who knows if it’ll last another year.

I’d love to know when I’ll come to a design era and just stick with that for the rest of my life. While it could get boring it would be very convenient in that I wouldn’t dislike my decor after a few short months of enjoying it.

For now, it’s mid century. And currently on our mid century list of decor is a lounge suite:

The sofa part of the suite can be seen (just) here, and excuse the packing box coffee table – it has been replaced!

We also inherited a couple of these chairs, which I’m not sure are strictly mid century (anyone enlighten me?) but they match:

And purchased a couple of these kid-size Coolie chairs off TradeMe (love them!):

And of course we have this table (from an office clearance shop – yet to be tarted up) and chairs ($50ea from Ezibuy online, of all places):

Neither original mid century pieces, but we’re talking style here, not collector’s items.

Another little nod to mid century, which may surprise you, is our kitchen splashback. It’s my favourite part of the kitchen and I’m so pleased I persisted with the idea… it’s wallpaper, behind clear glass. The pattern is very mid century, and it’s by a UK company called Missprint, and the cheapest way to purchase at the time was via a Canadian website (Saplings) but it is also available from Paper Room in NZ. The pattern is called Muscat Small, in Duck Egg Blue:

Yet to be added is a sideboard (on the to do list, yes he’s making it for me…), as well as some other small furnishings and decor pieces like clocks and vases. Can’t wait to be getting into that level of detail (and have time to browse second hand shops for them on Saturday mornings!).