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Shopping fun at Tea Pea

In a world of endless options and a whole lot of sameness in a zillion online shops I do tend to get just a bit excited about little boutique stores who have something really unique, yet still keep their prices reasonable.


Tea Pea is one such store. I’ve done much browsing of their goodies over the years since I discovered them – back when Master W turned my world into a whimsical one of kid-sized treasures. Although so many of Tea Pea’s whimsical kid-sized treasures would be just fine in an adult world too. I would be well tempted by all this cuteness even without kids in the house. There is definitely nothing wrong with a bambi light in the master bedroom!

My picks, clockwise from top left:
The parade cushion – I’ve been coveting this since Master W was born, wondering if one day I would have a wee girl. Yes! Now I can add it to the shopping cart…
Cloud coathangers – the best kind of clouds!
Wire mag holder – I’m just trying to decide which colours and where to use them…
Bambi light – sweetness and light!
Wire baskets – as per the mag holder… I want them all, every colour, everywhere!

It’s no wonder I’m a bit in love with Tea Pea’s product range… it seems Mr & Mrs Tea Pea have a bit in common with Mr & Mrs Duck Egg Blue.  Adorable small children, and a mid-century house currently under renovation. These two things add up to an entire world… Do go and have a look at some pictures of their house – I love their style!

And their logo… I just wish I was the designer – mmm!

Note: Tea Pea don’t know me from a bar of soap… I just love their style and product range and couldn’t help sharing!

Sale time at Country Road


Country Road is kind of iconic. It’s not hard to imagine how they came to be that, when you look at their homewares. Along with their fashion, the homeware range is right on trend, but with it’s very own take that just says “this is Country Road”. If anyone can define it – go right ahead. I just can’t pick it. But what I can pick is some beauties from the current sale. None of my selections add up to a collection but everyone of these pieces could easily find a spot in my home. And just might. Especially the yellow trivet.

Clockwise from top left:
Rami Stacking boxes
Caro cushion
Britta ceramic trivet
Natura jar
Cantina jug

Practising the granny thing

I’ve been channelling my inner granny and getting to grips with the craft of crochet in my evenings recently. It’s also a bit of a rebellion against renovation – I’m over it!

Here are all my supplies that arrived by courier one day:

And attempt number one on the left (I got a little carried away with my treble stitches and the square ended up with a few more than four sides…) and attempt number two on the right which is much tidier! I’m up to round 3 here and have since added two more rounds to complete a 5 round granny square. One down, 15 to go (I’m planning on a cushion cover)…

It feels so good to have come a long way since my plea for help here. My MIL was surprised delighted at my desire to learn and helpfully showed me the basics one night and then I’ve been relying on Purl Bee and Meet Me at Mike’s since then.

Any crafty crocheters?

I want to learn to crochet.

Blame it on the nesting instinct kicking in super early, or just itchy (in the crafty way) feet to do something a little more decorative as opposed to “building” now that the kitchen is almost done, whatever the reason, I’ve been hankering to get stuck into some crafty projects.

Number 1 being a cross stitch for my kitchen – yes a cross stitch! It is years and years since I have attempted such things, but (excuse me for blowing my own trumpet) I used to be quite good at it and want to see how I manage again!

Let’s just hope it’s not like my attempt to snow ski after a few years of not… a dismal failure despite being a confident skier in childhood days!

Number 2 (and 3 if you’re counting) is to crochet a couple of things – a cushion for our sofa, and a blanket for the little one (or the little two to be). They’re just so colourful and homely looking I can’t resist!

Problem is I can’t crochet – as in I never even used to do it. Anyone know where/how I can learn?

All these images can be found on my Pinterest boards, with links to their respective original sites.