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Spring clean on an Autumnal day

Before we even got out of bed this morning Andre said “I might just have a good tidy up today.”

Hallelujah! This is what we’ve had to look at while sitting on the toilet for the last lots of months:

It seems today might be the day it will find its rightful place, which is absolutely not in the bathroom! Kind of embarrassing to reveal such a photo… yes, this old kitchen drawer has become the “toolbox”, which essentially is a dumping ground for all tools that haven’t otherwise been put here:

This, believe it or not, is the cupboard in the  kids bedroom – despite being only a few weeks new, it fast became a good place to put all potentially dangerous tools and substances out of reach of one inquisitive toddler (as opposed to the “toolbox” above, which may as well be his toy box). Obviously, it needs some attention before we can move said toddler into his new bedroom.

Fingers crossed we have a tidy bathroom and cupboard by the end of the day! Here’s to my brave husband who will attempt to find space for all these essential items in the garage… which is a very, very scary place folks. Take a look:

Aaaargh! The roof is too low for Andre to stand up in, so fair enough right?


Towels, sheets and camping gear

One old house, one new linen cupboard!

And the first linen cupboard I can organise, reorganise and organise  again in almost 5 years! Yes, for 5 years I have been without a dedicated linen cupboard. Kind of sad really, as such cupboards are made for storage nerds like myself. They provide ample opportunity to fill in time pulling things out, refolding and putting back in some other kind of order.

Order is kind of the order of the day around here just lately… what with working on 3 lots of shelving (linen cupboard which you’ll see here, and laundry and kitchen to be continued) and sorting mountains of clothes, unnecessary linen and kitchen bits and pieces I feel almost like the light at the end of the tunnel must be just around the corner! It could just be spring in the air… and daylight saving having restored some promise of getting things done “in time”…

So, here’s the linen cupboard after a coat of MDF primer (we used MDF instead of Gib to give us flexibility with attaching shelving, and to cut down on plastering… ughh!) and two top coats of Resene Half Rice Cake. We didn’t fuss with painting the trim or ceiling in here white… as you’ll see further down it’s not likely to ever be seen again anyway!

Post this photo, the floor was sanded, holes filled with Rimu putty, and sealed over – it’s actually come up really well and the line is much less clear between “old” and “new”.

We cut all but the largest of the shelves from the old kitchen cupboard doors, which saved a bit of $$ – always a bonus! The large piece is a new bit of customwood. All pieces were sanded lightly, primed with MDF primer where necessary and painted over with 2-3 coats of Resene Enamacryl in White. It’s a bit glossy and will be reasonably hard wearing which is kind of necessary for shelves.

Then came some drilling, measuring and levelling…

And finally the shelves were complete! It’s a bit awkward to get a good photo of this cupboard as it’s a narrow little thing tucked in the middle of the hall.

And here they are after just a couple of organisation attempts – restrained aren’t I?! No doubt I won’t get to the end of the year without another reorganise…

Right up the top we have some bits of camping gear which is best stored inside away from the potential dampness of the garage, then there’s a guest shelf with special towels and sheets, then family towels, family sheets and beach towels and a picnic set and rug on the bottom shelf. Below that is the vacuum cleaner, and to the left is a narrow space (have a look in the next photo above for a clearer view) for the ironing board, mop and broom.

As you can see we do still need to paint the door and frame, architraves etc but functionality is a priority and we’ve moved onto finishing the laundry first!

Just an interesting thing I thought I’d point out… In this organisation attempt #2 I’ve collated sheet sets within their corresponding pillowcase, as I’ve seen recommended many times over. Check out the difference between the standard cotton set (on the bottom) and the flannelette set… whoa! Close-up for you, with said sheets in the middle shelf:

No I did not iron (it’s not really something I do…) but I pretty well sat on these to squish them down a bit. Maybe I need to try again when I’m 8 1/2 months preggo?


How to make an old kitchen into a bedroom, laundry and office… in a week?

Over the next week or so “we’ll” be busy as busy making over the old kitchen.

Allow the scrawled plan images (apologies for the poor images but I was working to the toddler clock…) below to show you how it will become a bedroom, laundry and office.

Originally we have this, which shows the kitchen, and laundry to the right:

And in a week we hope to have this:

Clear as mud I know but the little one woke too soon and has been out of sorts all evening so it’s as good as you’ll get until there are photos of the real thing.

A little (or large) explanation might help, but feel free to skip it if you get it already… We will build two little closet/nooks into the old kitchen space – one opening to the lounge at left, for an office, and the other opens to the bottom which is the hallway, and will be a laundry cupboard, with a linen cupboard alongside. Next to this is a new doorway, again from the hallway, into the new bedroom. The wall between the old kitchen and laundry will be removed, as will the door to the back steps (there’s another off the new kitchen) which we’ll replace with one of the sidelights from the original french doors from the lounge to the sunroom (the doors and one sidelight can be seen in their new home in the last picture here, and they’re all together in their original position in one of the images here). The hot water cylinder will remain in place due to costs and consents involved in shifting it, and we’ll decide on how we build a wardrobe/storage around it once the bones of the room are in place.

Here are the very beginnings of Renovation Stage Two, which means more demolition (so satisfying!):

I’m too houseproud to show you how the lounge currently looks while this is happening, but let me just say the couch has had to move to make way for around 3sqm of linen, laundry stuff, camping things and craft bits. And the pile of ironing I used to hide in the laundry cupboard…? Well, that’s sitting mockingly on the sofa, with the ironing board leaning tauntingly against the wall, and if I happen to walk past too close I can even see the iron in a box behind the couch… oooh, must be bedtime!