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Who would have thought?!

Typical me… right after I prettified Miss E’s bedroom, I decide now might be a good time to move her in with Master W. And when I decide something, it pretty much has to happen right away. So, this weekend it is, as long as all goes to plan. I have my fingers crossed the grandparents will be delighted to have Master W sleep over on Friday so we can ease Miss E into her new space without a disruptive big brother on the first night.

In preparation, I have put up a curtain in the kids’ room (see, I’m calling it the “kids’ room” – there’s no going back!) so they won’t be able to see each other from their beds. From tiny babies they have not slept if they can see anything going on around them.


There it is! It hangs an ugly few inches off the floor, but I’m turning a blind eye because of its temporary nature. As soon as the excitement (aka sleeplessness) over new rooming arrangements wanes it’s coming down.

Miss E’s cot will sit to the right… the beanbag will have to find a new home.


The curtain is a cheapo eyelet style from Spotlight. Cheapest I could find actually – $23.99, on sale now. I hung it on some basic curtain wire, from 3M Command hooks. I did say temporary didn’t I?!


It might be even more temporary than I planned – a few good tugs and the whole thing will probably come down. So far it’s lasted a couple of days with no attempts to swing off it – maybe there is less monkey in my kids than I sometimes think…

In case you spotted a couple of new additions to this bedroom in the photos above – here’s more:


One pom-pom garland strung around the window. I couldn’t just stop at the one I made for Miss E’s party.

And here’s the second piece of art we’ve hung on the walls:


It’s a cross stitch Mum did for my brother a “very” long time ago. I had a matching girl version but I don’t know what happened to it…

Kind of cute I thought! My first thought was to paint the frame, but I like how it links in with the manrobe on the other side of the room, so it’s staying as is.

Wish us luck for a peaceful weekend…!

Any crafty crocheters?

I want to learn to crochet.

Blame it on the nesting instinct kicking in super early, or just itchy (in the crafty way) feet to do something a little more decorative as opposed to “building” now that the kitchen is almost done, whatever the reason, I’ve been hankering to get stuck into some crafty projects.

Number 1 being a cross stitch for my kitchen – yes a cross stitch! It is years and years since I have attempted such things, but (excuse me for blowing my own trumpet) I used to be quite good at it and want to see how I manage again!

Let’s just hope it’s not like my attempt to snow ski after a few years of not… a dismal failure despite being a confident skier in childhood days!

Number 2 (and 3 if you’re counting) is to crochet a couple of things – a cushion for our sofa, and a blanket for the little one (or the little two to be). They’re just so colourful and homely looking I can’t resist!

Problem is I can’t crochet – as in I never even used to do it. Anyone know where/how I can learn?

All these images can be found on my Pinterest boards, with links to their respective original sites.