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Aaaaghh! It’s Friday!

Sorry about that. Just wanted to let you know this still works. Even on the BIG ones.

And our bedroom is restored to order after a half hour search and kill mission after I spotted Mr Cockroach scaling the wardrobe door while relaxing in bed the other night.

Note: I do clean my house. Our area is just known for these nasty things. And ants. Apparently it’s also known for giant dust balls.

Why I Love Soapy Water

We came home late the other night, and while I put the little one straight into bed I could hear Andre running around the lounge. As I walked in he yelled “look out!”. This is what he was chasing:

As you can imagine I hopped around in mad circles squealing. Of all creepy crawlies, these have got to be the worst. Although we do sometimes get these in and around the house which are pretty up there with the worst (because of the horrifying experience of nearly picking one up in the dark of night when I somehow mistook it for a dummy dropped on the floor):

We did some more demolition over the weekend and I wonder if that is why this big one appeared inside (we tend to see the little, paler ones usually)??

Anyway the good news is the killer recipe that I can confirm is tried and tested on the above and numerous other unsuspecting non-humans that make their way inside my house (MY house – how DARE they?!). In the interests of human health (particularly little humans) and the environment I prefer not to use chemical killers so after some research on the internet I found this recipe coming up time and again and am so pleased it works amazingly well:

1 x spray bottle

Fill with water, a generous squirt of liquid dish soap, shake it all up and spray spray spray!

That’s it!

Some of the tougher (and larger) creepies take quite a lot of spraying, and you do need to keep up the chase, but it works every time! All that is required once the legs have stopped jerking is a wipe up of the spray trail and (if you’re brave enough) to pick up the culprit with a giant wad of tissues in hand and flush/throw ’em away!

The other life enhancing recipe I am trying and testing is a repellant – mainly designed for spiders I believe but may also be effective on the above (if you dare to take another look…). After afore-mentioned traumatic experience on Sunday night I picked up my other trusty spray bottle and sprayed a line under the little one’s bedroom door (just in case great Grandaddy Cockroach had brought any of his family in with him). Lo and behold over the next two days I found dead in his room 1 x cockroach (smaller than the sickening 10 or so cm Grandaddy but large enough all the same), 1 x centipede and 1 x clicky beetle. Coincidence?? Not sure.

Moving on though, this repellant spray I have been using for a few months now, and would love to promise it works but I’m waiting a few more months to be sure it’s nothing to do with the weather…

400mL White vinegar
50mL Fractionated coconut oil (a bit hard to find but ask in your local health store/search online)
Liquid dish detergent
1 x Red chilli
Lavender oil

Mix together in a spray bottle and spray weekly around windows, doors, corners, crevices etc (If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, a few extra drops of any essential oil will help).

I have noticed a definite reduction in the number of cockroaches (the small – German maybe – variety) and centipedes inside and we have few spiders.

Fingers crossed the coming winter doesn’t bring them all back!