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It’s pink!

Some time ago, we planted a cherry tree and I’ve been watching with increasing nervousness that we killed it during planting… Most of the cherry trees around now are laden with blossoms, and ours has been teasing me with no more than a few buds for the last few weeks.

But this week it’s decided to show its true colours – pink! I think they may be the pink kind that turn to white but will keep an eye on that. We thought it was white when we bought it so I was a little surprised at the pink but could grow to like it once our house is painted. Right now the pink and peach combo just doesn’t inspire me. Pink and a pale grey however, could be one fine combination don’t you think?

Here are a few snaps of the beautiful blossoms:



Hello Cherry

We’ve always loved a front yard with a feature tree big enough to hang a swing!

So one of our first adventures to Roger’s involved a trailer. We went with “cherry tree” in mind but Rog tried his best to sell us various other “lovely foliage” and “striking colour”. Being the bit stubborn that I am (and having always wanted one) we came home with a cherry tree.

Knowing the tendency of our little boy to get well and truly in the way we plopped him right in bed and got stuck in with the spade.

This is about as far as it got before we hit pay dirt solid rock.

Thankfully we had a rock breaker hanging around due to another project underway but no go with that outside Otto’s bedroom at nap time!

No nap forthcoming unfortunately so off we all go back outside to get those rocks out.

There they are! Fun times ahead for all landscaping projects…

Here’s the only photo of me – just to show it’s not just Andre who does the real work!

And in Cherry goes – a couple of handfuls of sheep pallets in the bottom of the hole and a whole lot of compost right around.

Beautiful! (If you squint right you can miss the trailer full of tiles – yes more terracotta tiles gleefully smashed… more on that later – and the scruffy flax bush on the left).

We envision a tidy hedge right the way round, minimal/no garden at the foot of the hedge and a decent lawn area (minus a whole lotta existing concrete) for playing and… ahem… trailer and boat parking. And if we stay here long enough, a swing hanging from our great big cherry tree!