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Small spaces: Castaway style

It’s Easter weekend! Well nearly… I’m entitled to jump the gun because my day started with an easter egg hunt. There’s still one out there somewhere that we couldn’t find, so if you’re wandering in The Gardens you’re welcome to it!

As kids we camped without fail every Easter weekend and egg hunts meant chasing each other around tents and up trees. It also meant long drop toilets and solar showers that never quite warmed you up with their measly drip system and the wind whipping around your feet. But the most memorable things were the campfires, ghost stories and hide and seek after dark.

And now there’s a new way to get those memories minus the smelly toilets and the long wait on a cloudy day for your shower to warm up. It’s glamping!

And it’s new-ish but not so new that your options are limited. In fact, you can experience this concept anywhere you like if you have the casssshhh and the phone number for Wildernest (cool name!).

Todd - Motuihe-49-2.jpg

Speaking of cash, even the “permanent” glamping sites come more expensive than your average city hotel room but, obviously – no toasted marshmallows in your hotel room ok?

This one at Castaways on Kariotahi beach near Waiuku is pretty special. This place has amaaazing views and it’s got that wildness about it that makes New Zealand, well, New Zealand. And an outdoor bath here? Sold!

It’s run by Canopy Camping, who by the looks are adding new sites to their collection all the time, but they’re popular already folks – book ahead!

So would you do it? With heating and hot water on tap these holiday retreats are good for all year. Are you brave enough to try it instead of a hotel room?

All images from Canopy Camping and Wildernest – click them for direct links.

Welcome to 2014


We’ve had a fabulous few days away camping with special friends. We had a little bit of rain (and a leaking floor!), and a whole lot of sunshine, along with enough swims in the sea to get the kids to the point of enjoying those waves! And the food? Plenty thanks!

So… Happy New Year!

For perhaps the first time, the arrival of the new year feels like it should be more than just a date change. I’ve not been one for resolutions or any grand new year plans, and to be honest, the last few new years have been a whirlwind of new babies, renovating and one year of hard work just rolling on into the next. So far this one is proving the same, but it feels like it should be different. We’ll have to wait and see where that gets us!

As far as I can see, things won’t be slowing down in any way on the Duck Egg Blue house… as you know we are well underway with our backyard renovation, with much more to come, and we still have a few untouched spaces both inside and out. The master bedroom, for one, is crying out for some attention!

I’ve also been teasing you with hints of our latest project – a play kitchen, which finally came together at 1am on Christmas morning! I will do my best to share that later in the week.

Until then, we’re doing our best to extend our holiday to some lazy days at home (as well as getting through the last of the camping washing!).