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Getting a handle on it

There are lots of little things you learn to live with when you’re renovating. I imagine it’s the same if you build a new house and move in before it’s completely finished too.

Way back when I invited you all to come walk into my pantry (one at a time… there’s no room for any more!) or maybe when I showed you what we did when I gave up on the reeded glass door plan you may have noticed the lack of a handle on the door… well finally we’ve got a handle on it! (It was a weekend of little finishing projects which always feels good – we also did some painting in the kitchen.)

We picked up this handle at a demolition place (sorry, I can’t remember where or when… it has been sitting around for a while!) and I realised as I watched and took photos why it’s a job Andre has been avoiding!

First up he held it in place while I directed – “up a bit… little bit more… stop – down a bit… yep there!” then he marked the centre (vaguely) with some chalk.

Then came the hard part: cutting into the door so the handle could sit flush (it’s a recessed handle).

After hacking away with the Stanley knife he called in the big guns drill:

This is not a “how to” install a recessed door handle by the way. It’s a “how we” install a recessed door handle.

Finally enough of the poor door was gouged out so the door handle fitted in:

A few screws later…:

…it was done:

Oops… some touch up paint might be required. It looks better from further away!:

It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference isn’t it?

Note: Yes, we have a permanent Bunnings shopping list (empty due to a trip earlier in the day) on the go as well as a grocery one (which is on a notepad so I can then take it to the computer to do my shopping online)! 

A family blackboard

You might remember the adamant statement that our pantry door was temporary… or the dilemma over finding a replacement? Well after months of saved search emails from Trademe with no appropriate doors forthcoming, we’ve decided to embrace the solid sliding door and turn it into something a little more functional and fun for all the family.

A blackboard!

While the design and build of this pantry was underway I had many Mr Negatives saying “oh you’ll never even close the door anyway”, which I just smiled at and thought “of course I will, I don’t want anyone to see my messy pantry!” But I have to admit they were right. It’s just easier, and lets the light in. Still, it’s nice to know I can shut it when royalty comes for dinner.

So here’s the door ready for it’s makeover:

I have gone off masking tape but decided it was vital for this project of painting black chalkboard paint in such close proximity to a finished white door frame!

And here is the first coat, which as expected with a dark colour was a bit patchy:

And then the little one enjoying it once finished!