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I scream, you scream…

… we all scream for icecream!

There was lots of that going on in our front yard on Saturday. Actually it was more squealing than screaming. Screaming is scary. Squealing is over excited… and we’re still sleeping it off.

0204_Icecream Party invitation

This little girl turned one last week. Here she is in all her first birthday sweetness – altogether now, say “Awwww!”:


Hot, hot, summer weather, a desire to show off my new front yard, and the horror of kids dripping icecream all over my freshly mopped floors brought the whole party outdoors for a picnic style celebration. Awesome!

Except for the wind that played havoc with my table arrangements and slaved-over lovingly-created garlands. Speaking of which, take a look at my party inspiration on Pinterest.


We started with kiwi “chips and dip” and sandwiches, then quickly moved on to the main event of icecream. Complete with waffle cones, sauces, sprinkles and gummy bears!



Did we enjoy it? Yes we did!




Mum brought some oliebollen from the Pukekohe Farmer’s Market (literally “oil balls” in Dutch, but oh so much better than that sounds!) which went down pretty quickly.


I had a great time picking out some photo highlights of our little girls first year to string up between the trees. It is lovely to have some memories of such a busy year now lying all about the house to make me stop and smile!


Sticky fingers (and more) were washed off in the paddling pool…


And finally it was time for cake and then home. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!


Pin of the Day: Lego party

Pinned Image

As well as planning for Christmas parties at this time of year I also have my birthday party hat on because Master W timed his entrance into this world to coincide with all things festive. So far we have thrown parties for him at the “half-birthday” mark, but I do like to mark the actual day in a small way too.

This year it’s just a supper at home. There’ll be cake but it won’t require a whole child-free afternoon like the last one. It’ll be a plain round cake with a fancy Lego number on it, because we’re all into Lego here and I happen to know he will be getting some more to keep us occupied!

Balloons and bubbles on a beautiful day

We were lucky to schedule Master W’s party on one of the best days this winter!

When asked what he wanted for a birthday cake, the only sensible answer I got was balloons. So there began the balloons theme. Bubbles got added when I got carried away and decided to theme the food as well. Balloons gave me just a handful of food options, bubbles added another handful, which is sufficient for a Saturday morning (ie. not lunch) party!

Decoration was minimal (I themed the food remember), but I like to say high impact: the balloon garland is so pretty I plan to leave it there until it shrivels into a deflated state. I got the idea from Design Mom, but didn’t realise until too late that I had nowhere near enough balloons to make one as grand as hers. Still, mine makes me smile!

To eat we had gingerbread balloons, “bubble” corn, fruit balloons, rice bubble slice, meat ball-oons and various other edible balloon and bubble concoctions (some you had to use your imagination for more than others…).

The grand centrepiece (of which I am quite proud) was the hot air balloon cake.

Too bad my boy seemed to think his Duplo friends were building a fence. He is only two and a half… everyone else got it. However, lesson learnt, and next time I will stick with construction themes. Afterall, last year he was only one and a half but knew immediately that I’d put all my love (if not skill) into a hammer cake.

It was my first attempt at fondant and it went very well all things considered (mostly due to the biggest ever sleep by my little Miss E) even though the woven basket was hardly for beginners. Except I guess I just blew that theory. It was one of those times where you have an idea in your head and 9 times out of 10 it looks a million times better in your head. This was the one time where the reality looked pretty close to the picture in my head. Yay for small miracles!

Here’s another picture, just because it would be a waste not to share at least 3 of the 3o I took.