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Summer lovin’

What an absolutely stunning summer we are enjoying here in Auckland this year! It’s hot, dry and the locals will agree that it’s not even humid!

We were lucky to spend a few glorious days at a bach on Waiheke Island. So, this was our summer – beach fossicking, swimming, stunning views, and a few motorbike rides around the winding roads!

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But we are home now, and back into the DIY groove that has been off since our last big project. Of course this time of year lends itself to the outdoors, so we are tackling the backyard once again, with a pergola/playhouse in the pipeline. Pipeline – it’s a clue! Stand by…

Welcome to 2014


We’ve had a fabulous few days away camping with special friends. We had a little bit of rain (and a leaking floor!), and a whole lot of sunshine, along with enough swims in the sea to get the kids to the point of enjoying those waves! And the food? Plenty thanks!

So… Happy New Year!

For perhaps the first time, the arrival of the new year feels like it should be more than just a date change. I’ve not been one for resolutions or any grand new year plans, and to be honest, the last few new years have been a whirlwind of new babies, renovating and one year of hard work just rolling on into the next. So far this one is proving the same, but it feels like it should be different. We’ll have to wait and see where that gets us!

As far as I can see, things won’t be slowing down in any way on the Duck Egg Blue house… as you know we are well underway with our backyard renovation, with much more to come, and we still have a few untouched spaces both inside and out. The master bedroom, for one, is crying out for some attention!

I’ve also been teasing you with hints of our latest project – a play kitchen, which finally came together at 1am on Christmas morning! I will do my best to share that later in the week.

Until then, we’re doing our best to extend our holiday to some lazy days at home (as well as getting through the last of the camping washing!).

Matakana Markets


We had a much deserved time away from home last weekend. We’ve been working hard on the fence, gatepainting and patio so we decided to down tools and head north.

Matakana has been on our “to go” list for a long time – it’s just over an hour from home so easily achievable for just a two night weekend with small children.

We booked a wee bach at Campbells Beach which was a beautiful spot… but we didn’t even dip our toes in the water because every time we strolled down to the beach the water was miles away across mud. The playground came in handy!

The weather didn’t disappoint… clear blue skies and hot, hot, hot!

We started Saturday morning with a 10 minute drive to the famed Matakana Markets where we sampled some delicious food and had a quick browse of the surrounding shops. I think my favourite bit was the craft markets at Cream of Matakana. Lots of vintage goodies and some lovely things in the Cream shop. I bought an old wool blanket for Master W, to “match” one we got from Andre’s Oma for Miss E.


There was also some duck watching and “quack quack”-ing. We’re all into animal sounds just now – “What does a dog say Miss E?” “Fffffff ffffff!”


We took a late afternoon drive to Tawharanui beach too – it’s beautiful, and I can’t believe I have waited 30 years to know that it’s there!

There was a go at fishing on the other side of the peninsula on the way back… alas no fish.

0214_6335Thanks for having us Matakana!