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HOME NZ Home of the Year 2014: My small opinion

I wasn’t going to post today, but there’s so much controversy about HOME NZ magazine‘s Home of the Year choice… I couldn’t resist adding my humble opinion to the discussion.

Of course I have an opinion, because the house(s) that won, have a footprint of a mere 28sqm each. And you all know I love me a tiny space to live in!

Whether I like these back to basics cabins is not an issue, but I’m excited for their win because I totally agree with comments by HOME’s editor Jeremy Hansen.

He says “Our expectations of how much space we need to live in have got overinflated”. Well hear, hear! We have so much space in NZ that we hardly know what to do with it. Really.

The other day I read/heard/can’t remember something about a new subdivision, and the minimum build requirement of 270sqm. I just about fell off my chair! And then I started calculating how much time it would take me to clean up almost 3 times my current house size and I fell off again. Not to mention tripling the time it’s taking us to renovate this house! Imagine if that light we are seeing at the “end” of the tunnel was only a light a third of the way along?! How depressing would that be…

And this – again from Jeremy – is a goodie… “If you design a house well you find you can do a lot with a lot less”. Yep. And it applies to more than just designing houses… Try this: “You can do a lot with a lot less”.

I’m going to remember that today (lots to do with less time!).

Interesting HOME magazine, interesting.

And credit where credit is due…

Architect: Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects | Photo by Darryl Ward | HOME NZ magazine

Small spaces: Outer Beauty

Next time you walk by a derelict old building in Sydney’s Redfern, look a little closer. It may not be so derelict afterall.

I spotted this one via Habitus Living. It’s a pretty good looking tin shed don’t you think?

All credit to graduate architect Raffaello Rosselli, who saw the outer beauty and designed a new home office and studio to pay homage to the old tin shed, and give a big nod to the history of the area.

Inside there’s no trace of an old tin shed – it’s modern at it’s modernist.

This is vastly different to last weeks small space, but I love it just as much!

All photos by Mark Syke.


Small spaces: Japanese angles

Through necessity, the Japanese have developed a very refined style of “small spaces”. I could stare at houses like this all day long.

An odd shaped site in Tokyo pushed the design of this house well outside the normal box. I have so much admiration for architects who can have such a vision within a truly challenging brief. Hats off to Mizuishi Architect Atelier.

The interior feels surprisingly uncluttered despite appearing to house a family and accommodating a fully functional kitchen.

Found at Dornob where there is loads more information and pictures.