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A Super Simple DIY Advent Calendar

20 days to Christmas! We know it’s coming, we wait in anticipation most of the year, but still… bam! Suddenly it hits. That mad rush that is Christmas. And for those of us in the southern hemisphere, it’s also our biggest holiday season. Even though most businesses and tradespeople shut up shop for a mere couple of weeks, this time of year seems to create a frenzy of “Oh no! If I don’t get it done NOW it’ll NEVER get done!” Or is that just me?!

So amidst that, it’s nice to celebrate in simple ways.


I’ve just whipped up the easiest advent calendar you may ever come across. If 5 days late guilt is setting in, don’t fret. This DIY advent calendar requires nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper, some crayons or pencils, scissors and Blu Tack. Oh and washi tape! Or, if you prefer digital over pencils like I do you’ll need design software (or just email me with a pretty please and I’ll be happy to send you a printable version of my design) and a printer.

On your first piece of paper draw (or print) a sweet l’il Christmas tree. Easy peasy – three stacked triangles on top of a stick. Add a few snowflakes, reindeer or elves if you feel creative!

On your second piece you’re going to draw (or print of course) some ornaments and/or more snowflakes et al.

Here’s how mine came together:

In Adobe InDesign I quickly drew up my tree and a few decorations.


I printed the tree on regular printer paper, but the decorations I printed onto some adhesive labels so they’d be easy to stick onto the tree (more on that in a minute).

The most tedious part was cutting out the decorations, but it only took a few minutes. You can see I put a green colour block behind my tree ornaments because I really didn’t feel like taking an hour to cut carefully around each mini circle. This way I can cut roughly and the green edges will just blend into the tree – smart cheating! I also didn’t count out exactly how many “stickers” I was printing (other than to check there was plenty enough) because I figured I’d use any extras to get the tree started, especially since we are a few days late already!


I taped up the tree alongside our gallery of pictures, right above the kids table. Hopefully this prominent position will help us to remember to add another sticker every day! (Last year we had to have a few catch up days!)


I scribbled up this star as an afterthought, but definitely a necessary one!


Here are all the stickers in one of the buckets on the kids turntable, along with some blu tack because it turns out those adhesive labels are well stuck to their backing and it would be impossible for the kids to prise them apart. We’ll save the star until the very last!


Here’s Master W choosing his first sticker.


And putting it up on the tree (after I’d got a head start with the few extras, leaving just enough in the bucket for the remaining days until Christmas).

1205_8711It’s a sweet little calendar for those who like to keep it simple, and just perfect for little ones who might find the gift-giving season a little overwhelming. Sometimes the smallest of responsibilities, and the excitement of watching the stickers get used up are treat enough for toddlers and preschoolers!1205_8707I hope this helps if you’re running late for Christmas already!

Amanda from Homely One has another lovely DIY advent calendar idea which I’m totally going to be organised for next year…! Promise!

Countdown to Christmas

With my almost 3 year old starting to understand the idea of Christmas now I have been wanting to do an advent calendar so he can join me in the countdown… BUT I didn’t want it to be associated with treats of any edible or dinky toy variety. I thought about tree ornaments but I am lacking the sleep motivation to get something like that organised this year.

An email from Baby Bites had some ideas so I took one of them and made it my own…

I had paper, card stock… all I needed was a few minutes and some white sticky dots. Managed to find both this morning!

If you want to print this off for yourself it’s right here. I just cut out santa’s head minus his beard, and the poem block and stuck them both on some silver card, but you could do it a bit different if that’s your thing… I also thought I’d help out Master W with a “beard guide” so he knows where to put the sticky dots, so I just did a pencil transfer of the shape of the beard straight onto the card (it’s very faint and invisible in the photo sorry).

Just waiting for December 1 now to get started on that length of sticky dots!

Anyone else excited for Christmas?!