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Sale time at Country Road


Country Road is kind of iconic. It’s not hard to imagine how they came to be that, when you look at their homewares. Along with their fashion, the homeware range is right on trend, but with it’s very own take that just says “this is Country Road”. If anyone can define it – go right ahead. I just can’t pick it. But what I can pick is some beauties from the current sale. None of my selections add up to a collection but everyone of these pieces could easily find a spot in my home. And just might. Especially the yellow trivet.

Clockwise from top left:
Rami Stacking boxes
Caro cushion
Britta ceramic trivet
Natura jar
Cantina jug

Thinking about log baskets


Hi Winter… nice that you waited until late May. I’m usually sick of lugging firewood already. This year, I’m determined to make it easier on myself with a superb log basket.

Counter clockwise from top:

Large Kobu basket from Freedom $99 – on the pricey side but also on the awesome side
Flax hamper from Homie $40 – a good size and I love the leather handles… but strong enough? Worth a try at that price.
Hogla basket from Trade Aid $75 – basic, functional, slim style
Rondo log basket from The Warehouse $30 (on sale now) – purpose built, nice shape and a bargain!

Hope you’re all keeping warm! Our insulation does seem to be helping but of course it’s not got reeeally cold yet…

Pin of the day: Heart You

On a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon…

…we gave up on clearing the back yard and took shelter in a local bookshop. I managed to have a good browse through an Inside Out magazine.

With my mind on a master bedroom revamp (over the winter) I spotted this little leather flag by Pony Rider, which I thought would look sweet hanging from a headboard.

Small Spaces: Shipping Container Dollhouse

This week we’re going teensy! Back here I mentioned my dream of building and living in a container house… if it doesn’t happen, I might resort to this:

It’s a 1:12 scale model container house made by Module R. I found them via Dwell on Pinterest.

You can buy the whole set or go for one module at a time… Loving the ladder built onto the wall in the picture above!



The Bloc

In my bloggy travels this morning I went past Fancy (I like to do a virtual drive by there every couple of days – it’s smile-worthy) and found a detour sign pointing me to The Bloc. Great. I.D.E.A.

If you’re like me – you like to have a bunch of beautiful things to look at all at the same time. I don’t like to have it interrupted with unbeautifulness. Yuck no. The Bloc is home to a collection of …ooohhh… “design focused brands and people” they say. One such brand is Citta Design whose design inspiration this season is Londontown. Having lived the London life for a brief period in my distant past I was a bit interested to see what they made of it. What they made was a flat-full of characters, all bringing their own personalities and idiosyncrasies to the table. I like them all, but my favourite would be the English Rose lounging on the plush sofa under the trees. I’d be her. Actually… I was her one sunny English afternoon at a friends flat in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Although we refrained from dragging the sofa out doors – the neighbours were a bit proper. We just did pillows.


But I digress… The Bloc. Also home to BoConcept (which is a lot over my budget but I can look can’t I?), Pencil Boutique, Collected, Douglas and Bec and a few other snazzy boutiques. Must put this place on my “sans kids” list.

Top image from Citta Design.

Full of Karakter

Our mid century scouts (aka just us) spotted some Karakter on a Parnell drive by recently. We didn’t have time to stop, but we did loop around the block and have another peep through the shiny windows.

There may or may not have been an awe-inspired uttering of “that’s what we want to do!”. Open a mid century furniture store? Yes, that’s on our to do list.

0208This Peter Hvidt Minerva Lounge Suite is pretty cute. The cushions not so. And the hide rug? That was one of my alternative ideas for our own lounge rug. Therefore I am qualified to open a furniture shop.