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Small spaces: The staircase


The sole reason I would like to one day have a two storey home, is so that I can have a spiral staircase!

I fell in love with them on a lazy afternoon spent at Copenhagen Botanical Gardens where I wandered dreamily up and down this beautiful iron masterpiece.

Since then I’ve sketched all manner of houses with spiral staircases as the centrepiece!

They are perfect for small (albeit two storey, or at least a mezzanine/loft) spaces because they have a small footprint, and visually they can be very open and easy to work around.

If you want some more inspiration I’ve just been on a little pinning spree and there are plenty to take your fancy, whether you’re into modern or vintage, minimal or fussy.

Shop it Friday: Save or splurge

So, my friends… Shop it Friday. For all those things I see and want so badly, but have no place (or spare cash) for. This could well become a regular post, like my Pins of the Day and Small Spaces. Because let’s face it – there will always be things that I itch to buy, but if I share them with you and you get to them first, it just might ease the pain a little for me. If I can’t have them then I can’t have them. Simple. Deal?! Let’s see how we go.

First up, some total cuteness from Tea Pea Design (who just happen to have style in bucket loads from their products to their graphic design to their own home… and back again) which might just be a bit of a splurge for some of us, but worth it anyway!

SPLURGE: This birdhouse bookshelf by Thing Industries has been hanging out on my Pinterest board for a few months, so it’s pretty cool to see Tea Pea have it to sell in NZ. $185.

SPLURGE: Pony Rider Band Camp throw. $439. Colours to brighten your winter!

SPLURGE: Sheets on the Line Hand-stitched Quilt in Rainbow. $185. These would be equally awesome for kids or not-so-kids.

And now for some Trade Me bargains. Because it would be a shame to let these go to waste… just because I have no reason to bid doesn’t mean you don’t!

SAVE: Mid-century folding table. Buy Now $40. This would be the perfect bedside table in a guest bedroom. Too bad I don’t have one of those (spare bedroom that is) at the moment, due to this hot mess.

SAVE: Retro leather pouffe. Buy Now $70. New versions of these retail over $150 so this is a steal and authentic to boot. Would be awesome as a casual seat or side table in your living room. Or mine! (Note this one does have a damaged panel so would need a little crafty fix up.)

SAVE: I was going to add a set of retro dining chairs here… but I’m holding out on you because I might snaffle them up myself! We are down to two from our original purchase of five replica Eames DSW chairs… One failed chair is now a kids table! So yep, I need these more than you!

Have a great Friday!

Growing room

Our current project-du-jour (the master bedroom makeover) isn’t providing many photo-worthy opportunities just yet, so for today’s post we’re going back to the kids bedroom one last time.

A couple of months ago it was all about the layered look we seem to have stumbled upon in there, and then last month I shared a quick DIY curtain project. So the final piece in the puzzle is changing out the cot for a toddler bed. Miss E was happy enough in her cot, but we felt she was ready for the bed, and we needed every bit of space we could get in the spare room (where we’ve moved while our master bedroom gets trashed!).

So while her cot is packed down and standing in the corner of our lounge, the kids bedroom is looking a little more spacious, and colourful and fun and cosy!

0529_0699 0529_0704 0529_0705 0529_0706 0529_1221 0529_1222And doesn’t Miss E look so sweet but tiny snuggled up with her special bedtime bunny in her new bed. Altogether now: Awwwwwww!



I did get a little sentimental packing up the cot – it’s a very definite end to the baby era – but I’m excited for the freedom that comes with the short time between babyhood and settling into school life.

We have a long weekend coming up, and plans to get some plastering underway. Of course if all goes to plan I’ll have photos to share next week!

Until then, adieu x


Time in the sun

I’ve just spent a week listening to waves rolling into shore, the chug of boat motors and the distant hum of sea planes… singing accompanied by ukelele, handmade brooms sweeping sand off front porches, and the odd pig grunting its way through the bush.

0526_1808 Which means you’ve been getting deathly silence from me. In my best pretend sincere voice – I’m ever so sorry!

But I was busy.


Busy trying to tear myself from lazing on a lounger because I had a massage appointment to go to.




I was there. Yesterday.

Today I am here. And the fire is roaring and my slippers are on (and the dryer is going on the third load of washing) but I’m still not getting that warm and sunny feeling.

It’s back to reality like a plane hitting the runway (something should be done about that inevitable bump – it’s pretty destroying!).

But the good news is that before we left we made big progress on the wallpaper in our bedroom and I have one wall left to sugar soap before plastering can get underway. So we’re nearly at the blank canvas stage before the good stuff can happen like fresh new paint and decor, decor, decor!

Also, while I was pretending life was all hammocks in the sun, our kids play kitchen got a write up on Design*Sponge! So exciting! To those of you who’ve come on over from there – welcome, and do have a look around. You might be interested in our kids bedroom, or the table we made for them. And I have to say our newly “completed” mid-century style deck is worth a look! Thanks, and enjoy.

Pin of the day: A crown for Mum

Well we all know Mother’s Day (down here on the upside-down-side of the world) is just around the corner. If you don’t know, I suggest you find out!

Judging by the junk mail flooding my mailbox at the moment (both the physical one and the email one) Mother’s Day is a BIG deal. iPad from the kids?! New silk pyjamas? How about some outdoor furniture?

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to an “oooh yes please!” in my mind, but it’s quickly replaced by an “are you serious?! No way!”

I’ll just have this crown thanks:

Lovely Crown -  Crown Mother's Day Card - Mr Printables


Because Mother’s Day is all about making mums feel like princesses is it not? And grandmothers get to be queens for a day! Woohoo! Can’t wait!


A Friday fest

Following on from my Pin of the day on Monday, I’ve had the camera out all week and every now and again I’ve just picked it up and click click clicked until I got that “What are you doing? Can you just take that camera out of my face?!” look.

It’s holidays, and my housework has been a bit ignored and we’ve done more out and about than usual, so a few more moments of putting off making dinner or doing the washing and mucking about with the camera instead wasn’t going to add much to the chaos.

Although I must admit I’ve got off lightly, with last week being a short week, and this week offers from both sets of grandparents to have the kids for a day or a night… I’m not feeling that end of holidays insanity at all!

So, our week at home in pictures.

Forward rolls on messy beds, and pyjamas left on the floor all day…

0502_0822 0502_0837

Books, books, books…0502_0841 0502_0848 0502_0859

New spotty legs under the table…

“Mum! Did you get the flowers I picked for you at the back door?”…0502_0896

“Oh I did! Thank you so much!”…


Upside-down pizza picnic on the “new” deck0502_0910 0502_0937I’ve enjoyed my kids these holidays, and am enjoying enjoying that, because it’s not always that way!

And I’m glad for the odd little collection of photos I’ve got from this week, and the reminder that ISO matters. Playing with shutter speed and aperture is pretty straightforward, but somehow I always forget ISO. A few more weeks of the camera out on the desk and hopefully that’ll be a little more ingrained as well?!

But now, I better go tidy up while I have some peace and quiet. The end of the holidays is in sight and that obligation of getting back into routine is feeling closer. Too bad…!

By the way, if you follow me elsewhere you may know demolition has started in our bedroom, so I’ll have some less than pretty photos of that next week!


Pin of the day: Get the camera out

Do this with each of the girls "best friends"

Taking a little swerve from my usual pins of the day of home decor and house style. My brain is in photography mode today, because I read some great tips yesterday on The Beetle Shack. Two of the tips I’ve put into practise immediately!

My favourite photos are the ones with the stories attached. Even if they’re not your own photos, you can tell a photo that has a good story behind it. And even when they’re technically bad photos it’s fine because the story makes up for it!

So I’m making the most of this last week of school holidays, with my camera out on the desk full time, and (cheating a little) I’ve set the zoom lens on 50mm. I promise not to change it!

Maybe I’ll have some good candid “holiday at home” shots to share by the end of the week?!