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Pin of the day: A starry night

Everlasting Star (glow in the dark) - Engel. - BijzonderMOOI* Dutch design onlineBack with a pin of the day after many months of neglecting it!

This one got me for a number of reasons. The first one being that amazing navy wall. I’m seeing dark walls everywhere right now and I love them! The star garland is perfect against it, and reminds me a little of the washi tape skyline I did in the kids room a while back.

Also, how amazing is that wall hung cabinet, and so fun to push the bed right up next to it. It almost makes me want to move back into a single bed so I can have me some treasures and hide them safely next to me while I sleep!

Not so keen on the technology right next to the bed. Or to be honest, at all in a kids world (other than letting them borrow mum and dad’s under supervision). What do you think? Are you all for kids embracing technology from a young age or do you opt for good old fashioned fun every time? I’m hoping to find the middle road…

Image from my Kids Room Pinterest board.


That grown-up feeling

If you’ve been a faithful reader (I thank you from the bottom of my heart!) for some time you’ll know we love colour in this house, but we have yet to actually paint anything in something braver than whites or greys (exterior).

Oh but I forget… our door!


Nevermind that I’m really not besotted with that result and am considering something more… neutral.

But forget that for now. Because I’m mulling over something a little more dramatic for our master bedroom…

We’re not quite done out the back yet, but while one project is trucking along nicely I always have another one or two doing the rounds in my brain, and Andre especially likes to jump around from working on this to that and back again. So as much as I wish we could just pick an area and deal to it properly before moving on, it just doesn’t work out that way.

That’s the long way to say we’ve started on some master bedroom improvements and of course I can’t wait to make some more progress and share it with you.

If you want the bite sized bits and pieces of what we’re up to (like having some fun with steel tube while thinking of a pergola over our deck) you’re best off following along over at Instagram (@duckeggblueblog).

For now though, just feast your eyes on this grown-up goodness (all images below from my Pinterest bedroom board or click the picture for it’s original link)…

the design files

Dark (and Surprisingly Soothing) Bedroom Walls

Dark (and Surprisingly Soothing) Bedroom Walls


interior by jean liu

Do you get that moody-cosy-romantic-retreat kind of feeling? Or do you think it’s all rubbish and we should stick with light and crispy white for this pretty well sunless bedroom of ours?




Small Spaces: Caravanning in retro style


It’s that time of year (down in the summery south) when we’re all dreaming of sand between our toes. And caravans get dusted off!

I had the pleasure of a coffee catch-up with my cousin yesterday, who was bemoaning the idea of heading off on a caravan holiday soon… in very retro style. However, not just retro in style, but rather retro in condition apparently!

Because it won’t be me putting up with less than comfy conditions and a leaky roof, I’m just excited for her at the potential… Maybe next year it’ll be looking more like some of these beauties I’ve been ogling this afternoon…



Love Vintage Caravans offers these pretty ladies (they have names like Mary-Lou and Lola and Polly!) for sale or for event hire.

If you’re lucky enough to have yourself a caravan already, these guys also have the perfect wares to make retro condition magic into retro style!

They say “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy caravans and wares and they are kind of the same thing” – cute!

Small spaces: Concrete cabin style

Oh wowee wow! Tiny and portable and so comfortably styled. I’m a sucker for it every time.

Found this one via Bloglovin at My Scandinavian Retreat, who I follow on Instagram.

They’re on a concrete kick at the moment, which is where this gorgeous cabin came in. It’s clad in concrete panels – roof and all. And look at those little “fold back the flaps” – how cute and smart!

But it’s the interior I love bestest. The pitched ceiling is perfect for a small space. A shelf running the length of the room at ceiling height – oooh yes, how smart is that?! Never say no to a comfy leather couch. And those massive sliding glass doors are key to opening up the space.

A very minimal kitchen looks great, but you might want to keep dinner parties for someplace else. This is a cosy space for two!


A perfect little weekend hideaway if you’re lucky enough to indulge in one! It is definitely on my wishlist.

Designed by ABATON.

Red, white & blue

In a far off land called the U S of A…
They’re celebrating Independence Day!

Oh my Dad will be so proud of me for that little ditty! But moving right along…

In honour of my readers from the land of the independents I’m all about red, white and blue today. And personally, I’m grateful for this little home of ours that we can stamp (and are stamping) with our very own brand of independence. Hooray for the mortgage!

Here’s what I found on a wander around the house with my red, white and blue glasses on… surprisingly much:0704_Red-white-blue

– Stars and stripes of a slightly kiwi variety… WE – independent but united… how clever am I with this theme?!
– Our lounge maps. Totally missed the celebrating country but the colour theme got a bit murky if I included it… sorry Americans!
– My bedside notebooks for recording the good, the bad and the ugly of the kids lives (yes, only two kids but I’m already prepared with two notebooks each)
– The recent city scape and sweet quilt in the kids bedroom
– An inherited retro fan and some tin soldiers
– Just two of Andre’s red, white and blue check shirt collection (they rarely make it onto hangers in the wardrobe)
– Our gorgeous and vibrant Persian floor rug

Many years ago when I was 12ish, I was super lucky enough to spend the fourth of July at Disneyland. In California. To this day I have never been part of a more packed crowd of celebrating people, and I still remember the awesome feeling. Thanks America, have a great day!


Pin of the day: Pretty as a gift

This one got me today. It’s the sweetest bit of gift styling I’ve seen in a while, and who can go past that duck egg blue? Certainly not me. And neither could Miss Toodles Noodles… Just the right amount of pink and pretty doily to make it sing “oooh la la!”. Oh and did I say simple? Not a strip of wrinkled sellotape anywhere. Now… I have gifts to go and wrap. Actually I do… babies happening everywhere in my world!

Note: Sorry I missed Friday – I was sailing my way to a glorious weekend away on Waiheke. With only my husband for company. Two whole days of peace and quiet. I’m already planning the next one!

Pin of the day: Backyard brick

I love a brick wall. I’d take one inside or outside – or both. And I like them painted or unpainted. Not fussy at all. Only request is that they be structurally sound. Crumbling brick walls – not so good.

This one makes for a private little back garden, complete with details like a firewood cranny, hanging basket and espaliered fruit trees. I just hope there’s a lounging area just out of the frame, for admiring it all, with cool drink and a good book handy.